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We want to hear about your experience on Stride!

Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 17, 2018

Hello Atlassian Community! My name is Jessica, and I’m on the Stride team. We would love to hear more about how teams of all sizes and industries are using Stride.

In particular, what benefits is your team getting from Stride and what could we be doing better?

Feel free to leave your thoughts directly in the comments section, and I will reach out! Much ❤️


Actions are great (and decisions will be good for us too, I'm just not using Stride in a place where they will be useful).  The extensibility is excellent, and the chat works. 

But, we would like:

  • Support for multiple Atlassian accounts at the same time.  In the same client.
  • XMPP support, or at least a completely open API for other clients.
  • Threaded comments.
Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 17, 2018

Thank you @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_

Couple follow up questions:

1. For Actions/Decisions - what do you mean exactly by not "in a place where they will be useful." Is it your team size? Processes? Other?

2. For multiple account support - what does this ideally look like for you? Right now you can toggle between accounts. Would you like the accounts merged? Notification from both accounts? Other?


1.  It's purely the nature of the work and the way the teams work, there are very few decisions needing making.  The chat itself reduces the need for decisions, because we usually rapidly find out we are in agreement with each other, rather than have to make any choices.  This will change with wider adoption.

2.  There's nowhere to add a second account to the Stride client on Mac or Linux, and the browser based one doesn't work for me if that's where you mean there's a toggle.  I absolutely cannot merge the accounts, they exist for different legal reasons and continuity.  Ideally, I'd like all my conversations in one place, the same way Pidgin or Trillian show a single set of them for many accounts.  Even Hipchat on the Mac had a good attempt - I could log in with three separate accounts for three different reasons.

Good morning...

HipChat was the best Chat that I've ever seen. BUT, Stride, on a group, for example, anyone can REMOVE anyone. And this sucks! Like on R.I.PChat, we need a option to set up an ADMIN!


Looking forward for a self hosted edition of stride.

Meg_Holbrook Community Leader Apr 18, 2018

Just came here to say that @Jessie_ is awesome!

elena Atlassian Team Apr 19, 2018


I love the idea of an IM client that has voip and screen sharing built in, but the screen sharing is terrible.  The quality is so low it's unusable, even with extremely fast internet connections. Is there something we're doing wrong with our setup, or is this issue known?

We're benefiting from pasting code snippets into a globally distributed dev team, but when we want to have remote pairing sessions we can't use stride and have to resort to some other screen sharing tool (of which there are many, and all work flawlessly)

Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 18, 2018

Thank you for your feedback @Tr.E! I've passed this along to our video team so they know. :)

Meg_Holbrook Community Leader Apr 18, 2018

One thing I forgot to mention when we spoke the other day is that I would REALLY like the ability to delete messages that are from AddOns (or at least have the ability to silence those addons). 

I've found it particularly annoying that when I make changes to filters (specific to JIRA/Confluence add ons), that they are very "talky" and once a message has populated to chat, I can't do anything about it. 

I suppose the same would go for non-admin users. If someone posts something in the wrong chat or something they shouldn't have posted, I need to be able to remove that message, and right now I can't. Administration of active channels is lacking. 

Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 18, 2018

Thanks for that feedback @Meg_Holbrook! Will pass along to the team :) ❤️

Hi Jessica, Our team is trying out Stride but we have a problem we can't configure it and always poping this picture below would you help us why it keeps on pooping while we already do the configuration setup problem.gif

@Jesseca Cortez thanks for reaching out! Your Bitbucket admin needs to install the Stride app in Bitbucket first. Let us know if you still have issues after that. Thanks!


Team size: 9



+ Good idea

+ Multiple platforms app

+ Nice interface

+ Picture in Picture mode



- Horrible connectivity issues disqualifies Stride from commercial use (or force people to use it as a voice chat at most)

- Lack of translations



Started as a good idea and huge improvement over Hiptchat. But as for now it can only work as Hiptchat replacement and nothing more. It can't replace Hangouts. We would be glad to see it stable but there is no reason to switch to Stride from Hiptchat just to get nice interface when it still has issues (feels more like early beta then stable)

I second the horrible connectivity issues - they're so bad that I don't know how it got out of the door.

Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 19, 2018

Thank you for your feedback @Artur Stepien @Tr.E

For clarification - the connectivity issues are with your video experience? Or chatting as well? Thanks!

For me it's all about the video - chatting is fine, and voip is great

Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 19, 2018

Thanks for that clarification! Will pass along your feedback to the team :)

Video and screen sharing. The issues aren't hard to find ...

Hi @Jessie_,

We are currently exploring several IM tools and there are plenty of options, in our company (aprox. 60 people) we believe it is key having the possibility of documenting valuable information that is being or was discussed in the IM tool. Knowledge management is essential and IM tools are not made for that, so companies have the need of having a separate tool for documentation.

We are currently happy users of Confluence Cloud (as knowledge management tool) and a connection between Stride and Confluence Could would be a key benefit for deciding to implement Stride company-wide. Having the chance to create a Confluence page, a blog-post, or a question inside Questions for Confluence directly with a few clicks from Stride can help companies improving their knowledge management directly from the IM tool. Important messages won´t get simply lost ;-)

I did create JIRA tickets with these suggestion several weeks ago (they were not picked up yet) but just saw your post and thought it would be also worth mentioning this here.

Thanks for asking!


Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 20, 2018

Hi @Sergio Hernandez - thanks for your feedback! Just FYI, we do have an integration with Confluence Cloud now:

You gave some great suggestions on how we could improve it even more going forward. Thank you!

why does Strde keep people from available to away? What is the time parameters for kicking users to away status.

why does stride kick people from available to away status if they don't post an IM - what is the time limit before this occurs

Meg_Holbrook Community Leader Apr 26, 2018

Five minutes of inactivity is what I hear on the street. 

I'm having a hard time with videconference/audio call. Since I'm working on a VPN, stride is always switching the call/conference quality to HD. I have limited bandwith here and it's a real problem. We should be able to set a default option for call and videoconference so we don't have to remember to change it.

Stride is sufficient enough for our needs (we have a team of 7 with 2 remote folks). The Git and Jira notifications can be a bit noisy at times, so I wish we had more filtering options.

On the Mac app, we don't like how applying an action or decision to a previous message copies that message. That confused us to the point where we stopped using it. I think we would be happier with a simplified "pin message" feature.

Also on Android, when I try to reply from a push notification, it never sends. I have to go into the app and retype my message.

I think the Stride admin link should be in the Settings menu instead of the Help menu.

Last but not least, emoji reactions would be awesome!

What I like:

  • Actions, that's a really great feature!
  • Trello's integration
  • Favicon turning red when there's a new message


  • I miss the slash command from HipChat to edit messages (s/oldword/newword). I know I can edit messages by clicking on "..." but it's quicker by using a /
  • I actually miss all of HipChat's slash commands: /code, /quote, /me... I found it quicker to use than keyboard shortcuts (and it doesn't require to double-Enter to send a message)
  • I don't understand why I keep being Away even if I go to my Stride tab. It doesn't seem very consistent that I need to send a new message to go back to Available.
  • I lost so much time trying to completely remove an app from the entire site! The path is really not intuitive (clicking on "View permissions" to find a very tiny and well hidden "Remove from entire site"?) and I couldn't find any documentation to help.

Thanks for asking :)

Jessie Atlassian Team May 03, 2018

Hey @Manon Soubies-Camy! So glad to hear from you. Your feedback is awesome.

1. For editing messages, the easiest way to do it (much easier than the slash command or clicking the "..." is to simply hit the up arrow. That will automatically allow you to edit your last sent message. Give it a try!

2. We do not yet have slash commands but will in the future!

3. Very odd! When you click on the tab for Stride, it should set you to available again. That's not happening for you?

4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You're completely right. I brought this to the attention of our apps team and they're working on filling this gap. Sorry for ths issues this caused!

Awesome! Maybe you should add the up arrow to the keyboard shortcuts?

About 3., I'll check if it happen again and raise a bug since it's not the expected behaviour.

Jessie Atlassian Team May 04, 2018

You rock!

Our team will use Stride for sure as soon as it will be implemented in Jira cloud the way HipChat is/was. Till than we will stick with Slack.

Just like HipChat, the video, voice, and screen sharing quality is highly inferior to the incumbents (Skype, Google hangouts, gotomeeting). I noticed you guys updated the UI which is nice but the core meeting features don't work that well.

It lags hard every time I've tried it. It starts out fine but video/screen share becomes permanently frozen at some point and voices will rubber band. This is a real shame because it's very convenient to use but we use gotomeeting for anything important.

Jessie Atlassian Team Apr 30, 2018

Hi @Ryan Ackley - thanks for responding! We’ve been working on a few specific problems that users have reported. It would be super useful if would be for you to log a ticket the next time you see this behavior because we want to properly diagnosis it and fix it. Hopefully we can get this all settled for you and your team! 

Submit a ticket here: 

Thank you!

Our development team hasn't had a great experience with Stride so far. It lacks many of the integrations that HipChat had, which means even though we're unable to use HipChat anymore for chat, we still have to leave it open so we can easily keep an eye on things. Bit surprising that there wasn't any kind of compatibility planned in place (even as a temporary measure). We might make a few bridges to keep it going, but it's a faff and we can't really see the worth of doing that vs just swapping to something else more established.

Which means we're left with Stride as a chat program, which it performs at averagely, a lot of our non development team who also used to use HipChat also express their frustrations with it.

It seems to hang/freeze/become unresponsive fairly frequently. This is an occurrence every other day (including at the moment):


Overall it feels like a stripped down version of HipChat with a cleaner UI, we're probably going to just swap to Slack and then revisit it in a year or so and see how it's progressed, as I'm sure given enough time the issues will be resolved and it'll turn into what it's trying to be. But at the moment it's not suitable for what we need.

Meg_Holbrook Community Leader May 04, 2018

Matt, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your profile picture XD

Jessie Atlassian Team May 04, 2018

Hey @Matt Le Fevre - SO appreciate you taking the time to give us this feedback! Super thorough and helpful.

Integrations - Yes, we totally understand that there are some missing that teams need. Know that we are working everyday to create more and more of the ones that teams need. This is a huge priority for us.

The freezing - this isn't an issue we've heard much about. Is it possible there are wifi connection issues? If you do keep experiencing this (and your internet is strong), please do reach out to our support team. These are the things we want to know about and fix ASAP ( )

We're working on a lot of new features and developments that we think will have a big impact on your experience. Totally understand your team has certain needs, but I'd check back monthly to see what's changed. We're shipping a lot fast over the next months/years.

Thanks again!

Deleted user May 07, 2018

We moved to Stride from Slack because we use full Atlassian stack.

Users are complaining about notification logic. With Slack if you have any updates, the app icon will have a red bubble, but if there are direct messages or mentions, there is a number in bubble counting the mentions/direct messages. With Stride there is only bubble and you don't know if you have direct messages/mentions or just some updates on any of the rooms.

This is a really useful feature if you don't want to check the stride frequently to see if there is something for you.

Jessie Atlassian Team May 08, 2018

Hi @[deleted] - thanks for reaching out! The behavior you'd like is actually how it is supposed to work. You're not getting any numbers on the icon when you get a direct message? What OS / devices does your team use?

Deleted user May 08, 2018

Latest macOS and no number(s) in stride icon, just red bubble if there is any activity. 

Forgot to mention, we are using MacBooks. With iOS I can see numbered notification with direct messages, but not mentions.
Jessie Atlassian Team May 09, 2018

Thanks for that info, @[deleted]! The notifications should still be working correctly, so there must be some bug going on. Thanks a million for bringing it to our attention! Would you mind submitting a ticket to our support team about this? They'll be able to investigate more thoroughly and get things working correctly. Support: 

When will be possible to reply messages?

Jessie Atlassian Team May 08, 2018

Hey @Rafael Sanches - would you mind elaborating a bit more? Not exactly sure which part of the app you're referencing. Thank you!

I'm talking about chat options... Whatsapp has this option, when someone say something, you can reply that message... In Slack this option is called "thread" but works the same way.
Another thing is that I still receiving notification on mobile app even I've read the message in desktop app.

Just wondering? Are we actually supposed to have an experience with Stride? We used a trial back in december but it was too limited back then and all users got tired and went back to HipChat. We are now in May and I have no idea how far Stride has gone. Is it live? Have we missed a migration? Are we forgotten? Looking at the blog, FAQ etc I still am confused about the status of Stride. Is it still in a kind of trial/beta? The FAQ says that teams will be migrated in "the next few months" (but I suspect I and Atlassian have a different view about the meaning of "few").

So, I am sorry to say that I really have no experience of Stride to report about.

Jessie Atlassian Team May 09, 2018

Hey @Mikael Lundgren - Thanks for reaching out! So sorry about the confusion here. Yes, Stride is a full functioning product and you can sign up for a new account anytime at

In terms of migrations - we've been migrating teams over the past few months but have not migrated everyone because some Hipchat teams are using features that are not yet in Stride. If you don't need those features, you can request to upgrade now here:

Head to this FAQ to see a list of features that may be important to your team. There you can also follow the tickets for these features so you can see the progress and when they'll be coming to Stride. 

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the reply! We'll check the list of missing features and decide which way to go.

@Jessie_ I'm not sure you can call it "full functioning" until it at least can perform the same functionality as what it is designed to exceed: Hipchat.

Theres no Dark mode and also no Bitbucket Server integration. (Just to name the parts my company requires).

Once those are taken care of, maybe, maaaaybe ill come back and take a look. But other messengers are starting to look tempting...

We have been using stride for a few weeks now successfully. My teammate suddenly is unable to get past the protip page. When I tried to submit a tech request, I was told I need to pay for a maintenance plant. If we cannot get her past that page...we must find a new app. And somehow transfer all our info over there. Help! Stride has been great up until now!

Wondering if this is the result of the new OS update? She is also on a Mac but I have not loaded the latest OS yet. 

Nevermind. She has not uploaded the recent OS update either!

Update...she is able to log in on her phone successfully. Still not on her MacBook. 

Me again! Any suggestions on why someone would not be able to get past the protip screen after days of success?

Hello @Heidi Reichert,

Thanks for your questions here. Happy to address these now for the benefit of the Community and then we'll follow up with you on the open Support ticket. (This will help protect your privacy since there are some personally identifiable details like full e-mail address of your teammate.)

  • Your teammate is unable to get past the pro-tip page: this could be caused by logging into a team with incorrect credentials or strict browser settings if it's happening in the web app. My colleague asked a few more questions on the Support ticket to get a deeper understanding of the problem your teammate is facing -- we'll keep an eye out on the ticket for your response and continue working through this with you on the ticket to get it resolved.
  • Submitting a Support ticket and getting the "maintenance license" message: this is something we're working on internally. We hope to improve this messaging, especially for groups like yours who are on a Stride Free plan. To confirm, Stride Support will respond to all incoming Support requests in a timely manner, regardless of the "maintenance license" messaging.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out here in Community, Heidi. We'll continue working with you on the Stride Support ticket, STRD-3042!


Blair | Atlassian

As an IT Admin we just rolled Stride out to replace hip chat.  We have stride in use to about 60% of our company and are hoping to put the other 40% on it as well.  However over the course of this week in testing it with meetings, the audio is terrible.  It became unusable at points where we had to switch back to our GoToMeeting instance.  Any advice?

Jessie Atlassian Team May 16, 2018

Hey @JB - thanks for the feedback! I'm so sorry to hear you're having issues with video. It's very hard to diagnose what could be the issue without knowing the scenario in which you were using it. If you continue to have issues, the best thing would be to submit a support ticket so our talented support team can walk you through some options. Submit a new ticket anytime here: 

Thanks a million!

Hey Jessica :D


We're FINALLY moving from hipchat to stride and it is so, so nice.  A few things:

1. How soon can we expect a dark mode? My eyes are on fire.

2. There are some cases where we DO want to get push notifications on our phone, even when our desktop app is active (ideally only for certain conversations).  How can we achieve this?

Jessie Atlassian Team May 16, 2018

Hey @Cameron - so glad you're enjoying it!! 

We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. The best way to get these features on top of our roadmap is to vote for them (Dark mode is here:

I don't think we have a ticket yet for your second request, but please add a new one!

Thanks again - Jess

Looking forward to seeing that "Dark Mode" Jira task actually being assigned to someone.
My eyes are also on fire by the end of the day.

At least with native Hipchat you can spend 10 minutes to dig into the apps internals and manually theme via a few Hex colour tweaks.


1) Can not get the jira integration to work

2) Push notification to mobile sucks often does show up

3) Web notification only shows a red favicon - 

Without the jira integration i would need with google hangouts

Thats my experience so far

I find Hipchat was better than Stride in so many ways. And sadly, Hipchat is so many leagues behind other chat platforms. It's really amazing how behind it is. My firm required we use Hipchat instead of AOL IM as it was more secure, however we lost so many features, it's hard to know where to begin.

I miss the easy ability to search the history of a chat. That was super easy with other platforms. With Stride and Hipchat, it was super difficult. You had to login online, go to other screens, etc.

I also miss the ability to copy and paste, or print, parts of a chat and keep the formatting. If I ask a question and get approval on Stride, I need to be able to print that for our records. Currently, I have to open Snipit Tool and take a picture of it. That is super annoying and unnecessarily time consuming.

As others have mentioned before me, the lack of customization is astounding. Many people have mentioned bouncing notifications, which I do not have at all. And that tiny "pip" sound, is so quiet, I often don't even hear it.

There are other issues as well.

This app has a lot of potential. I hope it can develop it all quickly.

I agree with the tiny pip sound. I miss HipChat's sound. 

Jessie Atlassian Team May 24, 2018

Hey @Rebecca Balerini - Thanks so much for taking the time to give your feedback! It means a lot to us. I totally understand your frustrations. Please know that Stride is developing new features and settings all the time and as we speak. I understand that it may not have everything you want today but we hope you'll be patient with us because we're focused on bringing all these features to you. In building Stride, our users' needs are our #1 concern. We can't address every concern at one time but we are working as fast as we possibly can to get them all to you. 

We so appreciate you being on Stride and helping us make it better. We'll keep in touch as we continue to develop more and more features. Stay tuned :) 


Hi Jessica!

My company (13 people) is trying out Stride, looking for an all in one group screen sharing and IM tool. We're loving the idea, the potential for integrations, and the clean interface. I had a few questions - not sure if I'm misunderstanding some things or if the functionality is missing:

1. Can I set meeting defaults of always having the computer mic and video be off? I can't send meeting invites to clients if their computer mic and video will always be turned on by default. They will always be using call in numbers. 

2. Similarly, can I set my own settings to always have those off? I never want to join a meeting and automatically have those enabled. 

3. With the Jira app on Stride, I'm able to create new issues. Can I do anything else? Can I tag an issue in chat and pull forward the name/description? Can I assign people from chat? I'm unable to find the capabilities of the Jira app anywhere. 


Feature parity with HipChat would have been a good start.

Mostly around user interface and display. Dark theme, zebra striping in conversations, more efficient use of screen real estate including tighter directory list by not having avatars, condensed text and why do we need that 70 pixel wide blue bar on the left for five icons, three of which are rarely used?

When will notifications be fixed on mobile? I like Stride, but if this is not fixed it defeats the purpose of the App for me and I will be switching to Slack. 

Jessie Atlassian Team May 30, 2018

Hey there! Sorry you're having issues. Everything should be working correctly. What are you experiencing? Thanks!

HipChat was the best Chat that I've ever seen. BUT, Stride, on a group, for example, anyone can REMOVE anyone. And this sucks! Like on R.I.PChat, we need a option to set up an ADMIN!



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