Dear Community,

Today, we announced that we are launching Stride, the newest member of the Atlassian Cloud family. Stride is the complete cloud communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more.




You may be asking, what about HipChat Cloud? HipChat Cloud has given us a lot of experience over the past 10 years, but team communication has become a more critical backbone to the success of a business - so we took a step back to reimagine what it meant to stay connected with your team, while also staying focused on your work. Stride is the answer. Built from the ground up, Stride has the pieces we love about HipChat Cloud plus the features that will carry your team into the future of work. From native voice and video conferencing to built-in collaboration tools, Stride is fast, reliable, and empowers teams to not just talk but take action together.

Not only will HipChat Data Center continue to be Atlassian's self-hosted team communication offering, but we are deeply committed to maintaining and investing in its future by focusing more on scalability and performance for our self-hosted teams. You can learn more about our exciting new updates with HipChat Data Center here.

Stride will be available to the public soon, and we hope you're as excited as we are to once again change the way teams communicate. In the meantime, feel free to visit our FAQs to answer any questions you my have.


The Stride & HipChat Data Center Teams


Looks great, cant wait for you to switch us to this new platform

My team and I can't wait to get our hands on it! 😃


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