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Stride and Hipchat Cloud have reached End of Life (updated)

All good things come to an end - thanks to all our customers and partners who have been along the Hipchat and Stride journey with us.  As of Feb 15th 2019, Hipchat Cloud and Stride have reached End Of Life and are no longer supported by Atlassian.

For any issues or questions you might have - please continue to use  and let us know how we can help.

Migrating to Slack

While we’re moving out of the messaging space, we still believe in the power of messaging platforms to connect teams in realtime. That’s why we chose to make a strategic investment in Slack. We are encouraging all Stride and Hipchat Cloud customers to migrate to Slack, and are working with their teams to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at our Slack migration FAQs here:

For those of you migrating to Slack from Stride, I highly recommend watching Slack’s webinar on how to use the migration tools to get an overview of the process.

As part of our partnership, Slack is offering a special one-time promotion for all Stride and Hipchat Cloud customers through September 30, 2019. All active Hipchat Cloud and Stride admins should have received an email with a one-time use discount code. If you’re an admin and unable to locate the discount code, please contact us with your Hipchat Cloud or Stride group name / url and we can provide your discount code.

New to Slack?

For teams new to Slack, we highly recommend sharing these on-boarding resources with your teams well in advance of the migration. Slack has built some great tutorials for getting started, including this webinar for new users. You can find more resources here:

Exporting your data

Access to historical data ended on March 15th 2019 and is no longer available. You can read more about migrating and other FAQ at

Thank you

Hipchat started with an idea in 2010 and was a big part of transforming how teams around the world use workplace messaging today. Over the last several years, hundreds of people within Atlassian have worked to bring this service and it’s successor Stride to our customers, built with love and passion by teams all over the world. Thank you for being part of the journey!


Bad Bad Bad...

But OK...

There are other options.

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Very, very sad that you are all pulling the plug on Stride

Slack is rubbish and nowhere near as good as Stride on a number of fronts, and is a horrible option for everyone I have talked to. We chose you because we were disillusioned with Slack.

Our organisation will not be following you to Slack. We are pretty stunned and appalled that you let that bully buy and trash your product. 

Very disappointing and your choice to let Slack bully you out of the market does not send a good message to us about your products. Our desire to expand into Atlassian products has now been ousted, and I am sorry that such a good tool has been committed to the dump. 

Very sad. 

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@Bryan T,

You're suggesting Microsoft should continue with the Zune player so everyone can have confidence and expand into other Microsoft products .?.?

As like Zune wasn't Microsoft's strength, chat isn't Atlassian's strength either.

It takes guts to push a new product into the industry, it takes even more guts to realise it's not your cup of tea and discontinue your product.


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Thanks for the reply. 

Hmm! Zune was a disaster. Stride was far from that, and has many features - three of which are cutting edge and do not exist in Slack or in any quality way anywhere else we have found out yet. 

We are amazed a dedicated staff team Could not have been added to save a tremendous product with much potential. 

We are upset at Slack as much as Atlassian that the bully boys would come in and trash the competition rather than incorporate areas lacking in their incomplete product. 

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I'm curious to know why you think Slack is bullying the HipChat team (aka Atlassian)?

Is there something I've missed?

where are the "other" options than slack mentioned in the parent link?

Sorry, @Dklages20, I have been travelling solidly and offline most of the time.

@Admin2020, for those of us who liked Stride we have yet to find a single provider that has a tool like Stride. Slack fails in many areas. As do others. If you find other options, please tell us as we have yet to find an equivalent to Stride.

@Dklages20The bullying I am referring to is the big boy on the scene (Slack) buying out the competition and we the consumers lose out as a result. Will they (and Atlassian) consider why we liked Stride and involve us in the process towards improving their product? No way! We are told to join Slack (or we lose!).

Because, instead of adding the good parts of Stride to their weak product, they just trash the one they purchased without thought for its followers/users. We have to adapt our use of their "service" to meet their needs; they do not have any plans or desire to incorporate what was good in Stride into their product. I don't want anything to do with a company like that.

We lose the two MASSIVE features that NO ONE else does (Actions and Decisions) and a better, cleaner platform all round (that Stride has been), and we have to make do with Slack, which is not nearly as good.

I reckon some of us don't like it that the one with all the clout (the bully) can essentially shut down Stride and convince the developers of Stride that they should can it. 

Slack knows very well that a large percentage of us who were with Stride were there because Slack does not cut it for us. Now we are being shoved back to Slack (though a number like me will not be using Slack because it does not meet the needs of our organisation). And, on principle, I will steer clear of Slack wherever possible, because of their demonstrated lack of concern for users.

I'm sorry, but there are some left in this world who think that buying out your competition to kill a perfectly good and unique product (with no thought to meet the user of that product's needs) is bullying and, well, plainly wrong.

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If jira would let some:

  • configurable "ticket" area that could throw webhook (we could use other source repo)
  • webhook action (base on the hipchat integration)

then it would be half of the road

We are not moving to Slack. What are our options for exporting our history. Your link above only goes to a page for export then import to Slack. Can we export to a file for history?

Thank you,

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David Maye Atlassian Team Dec 04, 2018

@Brian Chernicky - Step 1 in the documentation details how to export history from each respective product (HipChat Cloud, HipChat Server/DC and Stride). Each of these will generate an encrypted archive (you supply the passphrase) which you can download after the export is completed.  I've detailed the export steps from the documentation below:


Step 1: Export your data

Please follow the steps below to export your group’s data. This must be performed by a Stride Group/Site Administrator.

  1. Navigate to the admin panel by going directly to (Or, you can also open up Stride, select Settings in the bottom left, select the Admin tab, and View all admin settings.)
  2. Click on Stride in the bottom left in Application Settings.
  3. Click Create Export.
  4. Select the data you would like exported. Note that the export will automatically include the files (in the conversations you select) as links -- those links expire 14 days from the time of the export, so please be ready to import your data to Slack at this time. Once imported, the expiration is removed.
  5. In the Passphrase and Confirm Passphrase fields, create a password to protect your archive files. (We do not store this password.)
  6. Click Export. Once the export has completed, it will be available to you on that admin screen.

Hipchat Cloud

Step 1: Export your data

Please follow the steps below to export your group's data. This must be performed by a Hipchat Group Administrator.

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on the Data Export tab.
  3. Select the data to export.
  4. In the Password and Confirm Password fields, create a password to protect your archive files. (We do not store this password.)
  5. Click Export, and once the export has completed, the export will be available to you in the admin console.

Hipchat Server / Data Center

Step 1: Export your data

Hipchat Server: We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version of Hipchat Server to ensure you have the latest updates to the Group Export Dashboard (our preferred method of exporting data). In the event you are not able to upgrade to the latest version, admins will have self-serve options to export data via the Command Line Interface (see below).

Hipchat Data Center: We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version of Hipchat Data Center to gain access to the Group Export Dashboard (our preferred method of exporting data). In the event you are not able to upgrade to the latest version, admins will have self-serve options to export data via the Command Line Interface (see below).

Group Export Dashboard:

  1. Log in at the domain name configured for your Hipchat Server (e.g. and log in.
  2. Click on Server Admin > Export.
  3. Select the data to export.
  4. In the Password and Confirm Password fields, create a password to protect your archive files. (We do not store this password.)
  5. Click Export, and once the export is done you will receive an email with a link to download the file.

As always, you can reach out to us at if you have any issues! I hope this helps! 

HipChat Server/Data Center Premier Support Engineer | Atlassian

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What about emoticons!?!?

Like Emily Sattout likes this

I don't like Slack :/ i'll miss Stride T_T T_T T_T.
Where is the dislike button?

It's funny that peoples opinions really can be very different. I think Stride was not good and I'm very happy for moving to Slack, it's so much better in every way.

Thanks for all :(

I sure am going to miss HipChat. Our company decided to migrate to MS Teams and it is much worse than HipChat. I wish HipChat was sticking around even though you guys never managed to resolve the issue of the too small limit for max custom emoticons

Like Charlie Misonne likes this

Fwiw it's a simple text file change to raise the limit 

Like Wolfspyre_atlassian likes this

Slack is garbage

Steven, if it was a simple text file change I am certain Rahul Asave would have told us so at some point in the 2 years that the JIRA issue has been assigned to him for.

James you don’t have to believe me but it really is trivial. 

Like Nathanael Motz likes this

If you edit /hipchat-scm/web/application/models/emoticon.php, a constant is defined named MAX_CUSTOM_EMOTICONS. This is set to 750 by default. I've increased it to 1500 in my instance to no ill effects. 

Steven, does that work on HipChat Cloud?

Pardon James, but that ticket is referencing HipChat Server (Component/sHC Platform - HipChat Server) as that's what I'm using. I've only used and operated HipChat Server and HipChat Datacenter, so I'm unprepared to answer questions about Cloud. 

Is Slack free if we have already had Jira Software installed?

AhmadDanial Atlassian Team Mar 19, 2019

Hi, @Nulsen Lee 

It depends on the tier that you are interested to sign up with. Please refer to the Find a Plan page for more information on the pricing that suits the requirement that you have.

very good, I like it...


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