Minimize/Restore doesn't work properly

Alegni Herrera October 11, 2018

After updating to the latest version of Sourcetree (v3.0.6), whenever I minimize the window to the taskbar, it wont restore back anymore.  I end up having to right-click Sourcetree on the taskbar and select the "Close window" option and then re-launch Sourcetree.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

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Peter Langer October 17, 2018

Same on my site.

But : Task Manager is able to switch / bring to front the source tree window

therightstuff October 24, 2018

At least the switch to works, but it's still very frustrating

Cookie Chan November 5, 2018

I encounter the same problem and I have to use the "switch to" from task manager to make it work. PITA.

Wendt Withers November 5, 2018

From below: Go to Tools>Option>General>Repository settings> Refresh when application is not in focus -> Enable it -> [OK]

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sidshetye October 31, 2018

Anyone subscribed to this issue, here is a workaround from the thread Wendt linked to:

Go to Tools>Option>General>Repository settings> Refresh when application is not in focus -> Enable it -> [OK]

Frank Schophuizen November 13, 2018

Thanks! It works.

Artem Antipin November 18, 2018


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Wendt Withers October 31, 2018
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sidshetye October 24, 2018

Same here.

Related note: Software quality of Atlassian's Sourcetree is really poor. Basic functionality is constantly broken. Last year we has sourcetree constantly reinstalling at launch and the code-diffs horizontal scroll bar being buggy. Now something as basic as minimize and restore? Code reviews? Quality engineers? Automated tests?

This quality makes me nervous as we trust Atlassian's software suite (bitbucket, jira, sourcetree etc etc) when building our own software products.

Please introspect and improve quality. 

- Your customers

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Antti Alho October 17, 2018

Same here

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Frederic Lacerte October 15, 2018

Same Here

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Alistair Colley October 15, 2018

Yes, same.

It flashes and then disappears

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Wendt Withers October 31, 2018

I'm submitting a bug report now.

However, I've found that it's only a problem if the SourceTree Window is maximized (or close to maximized - probably above some width x height threshold). If the window is smaller than that, things work fine.

I happen to be on a 1920 x 1080 screen and if I get wider than about 1800 pixels: bingo, I have a problem.

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Mike Overmeijer October 25, 2018

Same here; has anyone submitted a bug report for it?

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Tom A. Vibeto October 12, 2018


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