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Meg Holbrook Community Champion Aug 06, 2018

Hey all!

My name is Meg and I am the lone JIRA/Confluence administrator for a midsize mortgage company headquartered in Sacramento. I am not a San Francisco local, but I hope it's cool if I crash on your AUG couch ^_^

I enjoy spending time with my kids, bothering my husband (poor guy), and championing Atlassian products within my organization and to anyone outside my building who will listen. 

I'm the weekly author of the Miscellaneous Monday series, which is a great way to kick off your work week. Hope to see all of you around in the future (maybe even hang out at Summit 2019)!

Hi Meg. I grew up in Carmichael! So now we have two things in common. Nice to meet you.

Hey all! 

I'm based in Mountain View and most days you can find me kicking around the ServiceRocket office talking someone's ear off about why they should be using Jira Service Desk. 

If that sounds like barrel-o-monkeys kind of fun to you.... check out the Nice Work! Podcast. I've been interviewing people all over the ecosystem learning what tools and practices help them do the best work of their lives -- and it might not surprise you, the Atlassian tools come up time and time again :)

I'm so stoked to have this space to engage more with our community!

Thanks Community team!

Hello, I'm one of the leaders for this AUG. I work in Sunnyvale at LinkedIn these days, running the large Jira instance there. 

I've been working with Atlassian and Jira since 2004 and even written a couple of O'Reilly books about it. I've also worked as an Atlassian consultant at about 150 companies over the years. I have some stories to tell.

Hi all. I am not a Jira Administrator, but I am a pretty darn good project administrator. I am also an uncertified scrum master, running scrum on a marketing team. I admit I find it difficult to imagine working in a team environment without Jira. 

I have been attending the SF AUG since 2013. 


That's amazing! Thanks for sharing @Bill Cushard :) 

Hello everyone!!

My name is Jennifer, and I work for a non-profit org in San Francisco. We've been using Atlassian software since 2010.  JIRA, Service Desk, Confluence, Crowd, HipChat....even some Bamboo and Portfolio.  I've been administering in these products for the past 5 years.  I'm a big Atlassian fan as I've seen how the tools have made a difference organization-wide, from our development teams to our HR teams!

I've not been to a SF AUG gathering yet (I rarely venture to south bay), but am looking forward to attending one of these meet ups!

I'm excited to see this community space exists, and look forward to meeting everyone - virtually is better than not at all!

Hi Jennifer!


We also routinely have meetings in the city as well we try to switch off every other as much as possible! If your organization would ever be interested in hosting an AUG we are always looking for places to host and you can reach out to me, Matt Doar or Dave Kremer if you would be interested! I hope we can meet in person as well as virtually!


AJ Schmalenberger

Hey Everyone,

I've been working with Atlassian products since 2006. I was a consultant assisting others get the most out of their investment and now I manage Jira and Confluence at Amazon.

I have spoken at Summit, which is always a blast. I like hearing stories from others (good and bad).

Hi all,

I've been a Confluence superuser/admin since 2013 and have been the Confluence information architect for my last two companies along with creating style guides, writing documentation, and all of those writerly type tasks. I've recently moved into the Jira world as well helping to document and design workflow processes. 

I'm incredibly excited to be here and have a space to learn and grow!

I'm working for an entertainment company in San Francisco and live on an island few people have heard of. 



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