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I love to ride my bike every once in a while to get some fresh air. The combo of endless views + the breeze in my face makes me feel unstoppable. The most exciting route I have been on was the San Francisco Bay Bridge trail. It was a little bit scary at first because I felt to close to the cars but by overcoming my fears I was able to enjoy the view and experience. So today's Topic Tuesday question is: Which bike trails do you enjoy the most and why?


For bike paths, I like the Coyote Creek trail which starts in Morgan Hill and goes all the way to San Jose. It's about 17 miles of well maintained path that snakes its way along Coyote Creek. It's a beautiful and safe trail for bikers and runners. If you want to get some dirt, I'm also a fan of the Henry Coe trail system. It's a bit of a drive just east of Morgan Hill but has amazing views and no crowds.

Wow! sounds fun and energetic, thanks for sharing :) @Chris Bosso

@Chris Bosso I like to go birding along that part of the bay -- but it's super far from home so hard to get there with traffic. Boo. I'll have to add it to my to-do list, that bike trail sounds lovely.

Bay Trail, Burlingame to Radio Point at the tip of Redwood Shores, with a 6-mile dogleg into Foster City, totals a 39-mile loop that's beautiful and safe for bikers and runners. Maybe 8 blocks shared with no-traffic streets, and maybe 4 or 5 street crossings. Be aware: Northbound is almost always into the wind. :-)

Sounds like a sweet trail, thanks for sharing :) @Ron Lichty

I used to bike around the bay a lot more than I do now, although as our daughter gets older I am hoping we'll be able to do it more as a family! I live in Richmond, so my go-to has always been the part of the Bay Trail along the Point Isabel shoreline. It can get windy, but I love being by the water! I used to regularly bike a loop from the North Berkeley BART station to the Richmond Marina, a really nice and easy seven miles. I also love the flat trail that's really high up near Walnut Creek... which is called... something I forget. Is it part of the Iron Horse trail?

Speaking of windy, I've biked the Golden Gate Bridge, which was super fun but also very windy and kind of hard to get to. Once I got to the other side, I was defeated by the hills of the Presidio.

@Bridget, I am interested in your answer since I bet you bike a lot! 

BiancaE Atlassian Team Oct 23, 2018

I really enjoy biking the Wiggle in the city! It goes through such fun parts of town and I also feel safer biking in bright green lanes. Plus it ends up right at Golden Gate park and then it's smooth sailing until the ocean. I should do that soon...


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