Topic Tuesday: Delicious Dishes

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for me, I call food my BFF. It’s not something we think about, but so much of our days are centered around food: cooking it, ordering it, enjoying it. Food is central to many cultures, celebrations and traditions. I know when the holidays come around I am looking forward to eating my grandfather’s mac and cheese 🙂. So of course, today’s Topic Tuesday question is:
What is your favorite dish to eat or make? Share your recipes! 


Hey there, Mikayla,

Mmmmmac and cheese! Inspirational! Here's my go-to for a potluck lately: it's called Potatoes Anna, and it's rich but presents nicely. :-) 

Original recipe here: https://smittenkitchen.com/2017/05/potatoes-anna-new-cookbook-preview/


My version here:



Have a great week everybody!



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Thanks so much for sharing mac and cheese is my fav to! I'll be sure to check it out @Valerie Liberty

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Last week I made veggie tacos! I bought fresh corn tortillas in the mission and different kinds of squash, which I sauteed with butter, adding cumin and oregano. I topped them with onion and cilantro, some lemon and feta (I didn't have the right cheese) and YUM! Side dish of black beans and quinoa, although traditional Spanish/mexi-rice would have been my jam. I was very pleased (and full!).

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