Topic Tuesday - What's your #1 go to Atlassian tool?

We all have our favorites (and maybe our least favorites at times).

Which Atlassian tool is your #1 go to?

What makes it so great?

What one thing would make it even better?


For me, JIRA!

It can be used for almost anything from simple issue/request management to very complex workflows.

I'd prefer a bit more delegated administration to be a part of the solution as it scales, but definitely a great go to solution.

OK we use Atlassian for all of our tools, which is a huge learning curve for someone in sales so my favorite is HipChat from a communications standpoint  but happy they are moving to Slack as I am a Slack Fan from a previous company.  Although Zoom Room for conferences is really stable.

I love Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence; however, my favorite has to be Trello.


It is so simple, and can be molded into just about anything.  Any process can be executed through Trello from a simple grocery shopping trip, to a software development lifecycle.  

It is great for smaller teams, but really does not scale well for larger teams that require a lot of reporting.  There are also a lot of features that would be great to have.  Some are offered by power-ups, and others not.

I've become a recent fan of Trello as well.

So flexible and unstructured but handy.


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