Portfolio for Agile & non-Agile Initiatives

With adding Portfolio to Jira, much functionality appears to be added to support the more traditional aspects of project and portfolio management to say the least.

We've recently had new leadership that is more MS project based and I'm looking for ways/help to work with internal stakeholders to see if Jira-Portfolio can be leveraged to manage the many small to medium IT deployment projects and provide that consolidated view into planning, scheduling, and resourcing.

I don't really know how to demonstrate the functions of the tools to the PMs satisfaction and there's no real sales staff for the tool; what are some ways you've succeeded in introducing the toolset's abilities for those not-so-agile aspects, thank you Scale for bringing them into the agile domain.

I'm open to vendor recommendations as well as other means of opening that conversation internally. The team's a bit numb to hearing me speak on the benefits of agile, so fresh voices seem key even though it's not an agile specific conversation. That and I haven't found a video that really answers those PM questions.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions,


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Hey Mark!  I'm with Isos Technology, an Atlassian Solution Partner, and we have helped many teams adopt Portfolio inside their organizations.  We are in effect part of Atlassian's sales team and happy to jump on calls and do demo's -- it's part of our process and does not cost you anything.  Feel free to reach out to me directly via email: thad dot west at isostech dot com

Excellent, thanks Thad.


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