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  • Featured Introduce yourself

    Good evening, Please take few minutes to introduce yourself. We humans are curious in nature and like to know about the people we will be interacting with either in-person or virtually. Best Fa...

    483 views 8 5 Fadoua 04-27-2019
  • Aziz for PathCare, South Africa

    Hi, Aziz here workding at a Pathology company doing IT and being the Jira product manager as well. I'm hoping to connect with individuals for mutual collaboration on growing my Jira, confluence and J...

    64 views 1 1 Aziz Williams 05-03-2020
  • Let me Introduce myself in Research & Healthcare group!!

    Hello  everyone,  hope everyone is doing well!! I'm Soumyadeep Mandal   or you can call me SaM! I'm an  Atlassian user since last couple of years and I'm from Kolkata, Indi...

    118 views 1 11 Soumyadeep_Mandal 04-25-2020
  • Hello from a Dental Technician

    So hi everyone I am interested in learning more about software side but I’m extremely far behind. Please excuse me if I ask a silly question. I am taking a class am. I’m excited to learn more if anyo...

    121 views 1 1 Brittany_Stallworth 04-25-2020
  • Research and Healthcare

     Hy,  I am sabiha. I am intrested in Research and Health care .I think  when i join this group this is very  informative for me.For me  this is  a great opportunity&nbsp...

    116 views 1 1 Sabiha_Imtiaz 04-23-2020
  • Hello from Switzerland

    Hi to everybody, I'm Stefano and I'm passionate from research and healthcare industry, so I'm here! I had the possibility of being able to work in close collaboration with various research l...

    159 views 0 0 sgalati 03-04-2020
  • The Netherlands

    Hi, my name is Mark and I work as an IT manager in healthcare. We are looking into if Jira Servicedesk is a good replacement for our current tool, which we host ourself, Topdesk. Due strict laws i...

    507 views 8 1 Mark Heijnen 11-06-2019
  • Greetings from a Mental Health Commission adviser!

    Hi Atlassians by employment or user or developer status or inclination. I'm Ben, I recently started as a Senior Advisor at Mental Health Commssion of NSW. I am keen to learn how I can raise the lev...

    346 views 0 1 Ben_Browning 10-28-2019
  • Critical Security Advisory in JIRA

    Good morning all, Please make sure to read the following as there is a security issue affecting JIRA server and JIRA DataCenter

    355 views 1 0 Fadoua 07-12-2019
  • Introduction

    My self Adil kadiyawala. I am senior software engineer and I want to work for healthcare systems and also like to get the knowledge and research about Healthcare.

    363 views 2 3 Adil Kadiyawala 06-17-2019
  • introduce yourself

    Good evening, My name is  Aswin S Soman, and I'm a graduate student from IISER Bhopal. I am specialized in computational biology. I've joined this community to get in touch with researchers, in...

    368 views 1 1 Aswin S Soman 05-14-2019
  • Our First Official Post

    ...ou have? How many issue types do you have in JIRA? How many workflows? How many screens? May be we can teach each others best practices while working in the healthcare/Research field. B...

    387 views 1 0 Fadoua 05-13-2019
  • Hello to the Group!

    I am a System Engineer at NASCO. NASCO is privately owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and we provide the software for their membership, eligibility, benefits, claims, and claims adjudication proc...

    402 views 1 7 Ed_Gaile__Atlanta__GA_ 04-29-2019
  • Welcome Members!

    Welcome to the group! Let's make it a pleasant place to share great ideas.                     &n...

    439 views 7 0 Fadoua 04-29-2019
Research & Healthcare
Research & Healthcare

The virtual "Coffee Shop" for people in the Healthcare Industry or Medical Research to share their personal experiences, lesson learned, and other topics that will be beneficial to the group members.

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