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Research & Healthcare

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Sep 30, 2021

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  • How Mercy Ships provides mobile healthcare to underserved communities Featured

    Hello there, Atlassian enthusiasts working in healthcare!  I wanted to share with you a customer story I came across about how  Mercy Ships brings healthcare and hope to underserved c...

    Bridget started a discussion 4 0 10-12-2020
  • What are the pros + cons of working in Research/Healthcare? Featured

    ...ighlights of our industry to young people who are interested, but rarely share the downsides!  So, I'd love to hear from you - what are some of the pros AND cons of working in Research or Healthcare t...

    Bridget started a discussion 1 5 08-17-2020
  • How has COVID-19 impacted your job? Featured

    Hello Research & Healthcare Group members!  @josephine made a post earlier in July describing a project she's working on related to COVID response. I'm wondering - how has COVID-19 c...

    Bridget started a discussion 3 2 08-10-2020
  • Introduce yourself Featured

    Good evening, Please take few minutes to introduce yourself. We humans are curious in nature and like to know about the people we will be interacting with either in-person or virtually. Best Fa...

    Fadoua started a discussion 7 17 04-27-2019
  • Mastering ISO 13485 certification as an agile medtech start-up on Atlassian stack

    A great tutorial from a medical device startup on how to achieve ISO 13485 certification on Atlassian stack. Their recommendations and lessons learnt are particularly useful to those medtech compa...

    Marion Lepmets _SoftComply_ published an article 5 0 06-17-2021
  • Event: Your Journey with the Atlassian Cloud 2021

    Hi one and all 👋 This July, AC and Atlassian have teamed up to host Your Journey with the Atlassian Cloud 2021! The global event is free for all and provides two tracks from vendors and cloud spec...

    Laura Holton published an article 3 1 06-17-2021
  • In Search of Guest Speakers - Journey in the Atlassian Cloud, July Event

    ...o the cloud.  We would love to exhibit best practice, lessons learned, use cases and more from real-life organisations in the research & healthcare sector around the world. We are l...

    Laura Holton started a discussion 1 0 05-24-2021
  • Cybersecurity

    Hi all, I'm working in the development of medical devices and cybersecurity is getting more and more a focus in this industry. I'm curious to see what your experience is in the same or adjacent sec...

    Matteo Gubellini _SoftComply_ published an article 0 1 05-12-2021
  • What a privilege!

    Hello, I considered it a great honor and privilege to be a part of this community. I hope to share inspirations to others and gain some from fellow especially those learners like me. 

    Isabelo Villa Susada started a discussion 2 2 04-04-2021
  • Pro and cons of working in a Research

    I have the opportunity to research the brainstorming ideas, and gaps I may find in my clinical work. But findings from a study don't always prove your hypothesis. 

    Masangu Mulongo started a discussion 0 1 03-29-2021
  • OpsGenie vs Pager Duty

    We are looking into OpsGenie and PagerDuty and we're looking for a medium size business (bonus if it is in the medical field) who might be willing to have call and give their views on OpsGenie. If yo...

    Davin Studer started a discussion 2 2 02-22-2021
  • COVID Vaccines

    Hello again, Curious to know people's opinion regarding the Corona vaccines. For those who already got it can you please share your experience? For those like me who didn't get it yet what's stoppin...

    Fadoua published an article 3 6 02-10-2021
  • Welcome Everyone!

    Good day, Glad to see more people joining the group, will be exciting to see more discussions especially after the exciting 2020 year we all had. Welcome everyone! Best, Fadoua     &nb...

    Fadoua published an article 1 2 02-10-2021
  • UK Healthcare

    Hi, Does anyone have any examples of Atlassian and how it's used in the NHS? Any use cases or public info would be very interesting. Thanks!

    Stuart C asked a question 2 2 01-23-2021
  • Self introduction

    Hello everyone.

    Deophister makanga started a discussion 1 1 12-02-2020
  • Research & Healthcare Virtual Ace

    I've been wondering about this for a while and I'm curious if others would be interested in doing a virtual ACE (Atlassian Community Event) for the healthcare field. I know most ACE's are city s...

    Davin Studer started a discussion 2 4 10-26-2020
  • Using Jira Cloud or Data Center with new pricing scheme in a regulated environment

    We are a small enterprise with 80 employees/Jira users working in a regulated environment (medical device development regulated by FDA). Regulations require us to validate process software and config...

    Tuelle started a discussion 3 1 10-20-2020
  • I am New Here!

    Currently working on the migration of Atlassian Server to Atlassian Data Center in Azure. If any of you are working or will be working on this, we can share our experiences here. 

    Nirmani_Kalakheti started a discussion 1 4 09-22-2020
  • If you could wave a magic wand, what problem would you solve in your field?

    ...eadership roles, etc. Basically this entire article.)  How about you, in Healthcare or Research? What would you do if you were Hermione Granger for just five minutes?

    Monique vdB started a discussion 1 2 09-22-2020
  • What Research & Healthcare learning resources would you recommend to Community members?

    ...ould you recommend to other Community members in the Research and/or Healthcare industry? How have these resources helped you in your role? Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Cheers, Mo

    Monique vdB started a discussion 0 0 09-14-2020
  • What is your favorite Atlassian Product?

    Hi there, Atlassian enthusiasts in Research & Healthcare!  The way that work gets done varies quite drastically from industry to industry. And with these different types of collaboration n...

    Bridget started a discussion 0 0 09-08-2020
  • Daily rituals

    Hi everyone!  Hope you're off to another great week :). During COVID, I have found that keeping up a tried and true daily routine has been really helpful. I try to do things that I know will k...

    Bridget started a discussion 0 0 08-31-2020
  • "A day in the life" of a Research & Healthcare worker

    ...his can be specific to the routine of a Research/Healthcare worker, or can follow you on a day off :).  Here's a "day in the life" of me, Bridget: Wake up Go swimming (when CA wildfires a...

    Bridget started a discussion 0 0 08-24-2020
  • Self Introduction

    Hey all! I am an Agile enthusiast and  team Solutions Consultant with inclination  towards the Atlassian  Stack.  I am currently  working on a research  project to&nbs...

    josephine started a discussion 1 3 07-03-2020
  • SSL over HHTP "HTTPS"

    Hey folks, I am wondering who implemented https for Jira Server. What kind of certificate you created (self signed or else)? Is security is a must in your organization?

    Benoit started a discussion 1 2 06-16-2020
  • Webinar on medical device regulations & how to implement FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant QMS in Confluence

    Hi all,  Just wanted to let you know that SoftComply will be running a free webinar on medical device regulations & on implementing a FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant QMS in Confluence this coming...

    Marion Lepmets _SoftComply_ started a discussion 3 2 06-15-2020
  • Let me Introduce myself

    Hello all! My name is Benoit, I am an R&D coordinator at Umano Medical in Québec, Canada. We are implementing Atlassian solution at large as well as the AGILE culture and I am the one that has...

    Benoit started a discussion 2 2 06-10-2020
  • Aziz for PathCare, South Africa

    Hi, Aziz here workding at a Pathology company doing IT and being the Jira product manager as well. I'm hoping to connect with individuals for mutual collaboration on growing my Jira, confluence and J...

    Aziz Williams started a discussion 1 1 05-03-2020
  • Let me Introduce myself in Research & Healthcare group!!

    Hello  everyone,  hope everyone is doing well!! I'm Soumyadeep Mandal   or you can call me SaM! I'm an  Atlassian user since last couple of years and I'm from Kolkata, Indi...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 11 1 04-25-2020
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Research & Healthcare

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