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How to import draw.io (XML) diagram into the existing confluence page


we are using the draw.io confluence plug in for our wiki, and we are finishing our own (XML draw.io) network templates, which we wanna embed into the existing confluence page. The problem is, we don't know how to do that, as the simple attach call (API) will not work.





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Where do you store the template diagrams?

Hi Boris,

thanks for you prompt answer, we don't store them, we generate the XML programmatically, based on the template, and want to add them in forms of draw.io diagram to the existing wiki page. So how we can do that via API ad draw.io plug in is engaged?

You can import diagrams from diagram editor.

First you add draw.io macro to the page, then click 'Edit' to launch the diagram editor.

From there you go File -> Import.

The XML you are importing needs to be a draw.io diagram.


yes, I've tested this one and works fine, but we need to exactly do that (File -> import...) programmatically as we have hundred of pages where the diagrams need to be automatically populated.

That would be tricky. Xml attachment is one part of the story. Png is the second. Each time you save a diagram a png is generated which is displayed in the page editor.

Aside from adding attachments through rest calls, you would also need to add the macros to pages. Both can be done programmatically but you would need to make your own plugin to do that.

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