How did the migration to Confluence Questions go?

Answers is up and running on Confluence Questions now! How did it go, and are there any known problems?

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Hi all!

Thanks for bearing with us while the migration was underway - we had a few false starts which lead to the outage window taking slightly longer than expected, but now we're up and running on Confluence.

We moved a lot of content from one system to the other - around 210,000 user accounts and 80,000 questions. The goal was to have a 100% success rate for the migrated content, but sadly we didn't quite make it.  I wanted to list out some of the content problems that you might see on the site right now, and which we will be working to fix ASAP next week:

  1. Avatars are not yet migrated (this is a separate step we are going to run in the background since it takes another ~24hrs to migrate the avatar for every user). Avatars are now migrated.  If yours did not come across, you'll need to go to and manually change your avatar again - this will trigger the synchronization to happen. You may notice your avatar not displaying correctly in the header - this is
  2. Approximately 1000 user accounts failed to migrate across. I am still investigating whether or not these were active accounts or not, and if they are, we'll fix them up during the week before Summit.  All active accounts have now been migrated.
  3. Around 100 questions failed to migrate across, and any question that was marked as "[closed]" did not get migrated across.  I'll be digging in to both of these next week before Summit and manually migrating questions that got missed.  All non-spam questions have now been migrted.
  4. Some users (perhaps ~600 users maximum) may find that after logging in with Atlassian ID, they are logged in as the wrong Confluence user.  If this happens to you, please let me know and we can fix it up manually.  I'll attempt to correct this in bulk next week once the Atlassian ID dev team in Sydney is available to assist.   We believe this is now resolved, but please get in contact with us if this affects you.
  5. You may notice that my own user account has no content associated with it... I accidentally deleted it while mucking around in the user management section - whoops! smile I'll have to re-migrate all my own content across again before everyone gets to see all my wonderful answers again.  Phew, I fixed this now smile
  6. Performance of the site when loading extremely large questions might be a bit worse than what we expected. We're looking in to this right now.  Our performance changes are in place and we have since been very stable.

  7. Email notifications do not appear to be working.  Looking in to this right now, too! Email is working now, yay!

If you notice any problems, any missing content, or you have any problems with your user account, please report an issue in the Confluence Questions project on



My account didn't transfer! All my karma nooo!!!! :)

Steven Behnke Community Champion Sep 07, 2014

My colleague can't even log in! He get's an error at the id atlassian part of the login. @Andrew Wolpers [BlackPearl PDM] :) I know it's part of the transition process. Let me know if there's a better place to report!! Still excited, Questions looks great!

Steven Behnke Community Champion Sep 07, 2014

And my points are back! Thanks! :)

Hi steven behnke [blackpearl pdm]] - there is a background job running right now which should sort out problems for some users who are not linked to their old account with all the karma and history attached to it - it's working through all the users now and should be done within the next 24hrs. @Andrew Wolpers [BlackPearl PDM] might be running in to - we still don't know what's going on with that but now that the Sydney team is coming online we are going to investigate further.

It seems like pre migration you could control both whether you get an email each time a question is asked with your watched tags and whether you get a daily digest email of activity on your watched tags, however post migration you cannot disable getting an email for each question on your watched topics (without unwatching the topic), but I assume you must watch topics in order to personalize the Recommended Updates email that replaces the daily digest email (noted on and found on, which means that you must get many emails each day (which I'm experiencing) in order to get a relevant daily summary email, is that right?

I've since found and add my above question there which I think is the ticket for addressing the issue

i cant make questions because it keeps telling me words are blacklisted

@Cha'gara we fixed the blacklisting issue as you can see at

hi there... I've just posted a problem here: Please let me know how I can fix this... or if you need to do something. thanks!

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Suddenly, a wild mail notifications appears!  How do I turn them off?

Would be great to turn it off, cose notifications appear in my main mail directory.

Just a me, too - especially since I never subscribed to anything!

You can click on "Unwatch" link in the email to stop receiving the email for this topic.

Nope Julien I receive notification on every created topic in Atlassian Answers

It seems that the migration made me watch some topics (confluene and confluence-administration), unwatching the topics (on the topics page) should stop the mails. That link is not in the mail sent out. Could it be that the watches are a default setting for users with no previous preferences? Where can I se a list of my watches per topic or question?

That's bad. Can you check if you're watching everything? On the main page there is a "Watch all" button or "Unwatch all" button if you're already watching everything.

@Jonas Sundman could you confirm you don't have a "Unwatch" link in your notification? It's in the footer next to "This message was sent by Confluence Questions - Q&A community software"

@Julien sorry - my mistake - the link is there as it should - I missed it. I was distracted by the fact that the link points to either the question or topic unsubscription - the text beeing the same, and the fact that there is an 'Watch this question' link beefore that the mail is sent by a topic watch...

No worries, probably a sign that we need to improve the UI/wording :)

I'm receiving a bunch of e-mails as well, none that I have ever selected to watch. In the e-mail notification, it does not have an 'unwatch' link, just a 'watch'.

Since Sunday around 8:22am, I've received about 40 notifications for newly created topics that I have not flagged to watch or have anything to do with. I do not have anything in my settings where I can turn this off. Help?

The link to stop watching is returning "We are currently experiencing difficulties." Also, suddenly being subscribed to watch ALL topics is NOT useful.

So under Topics I am not watching Confluence however I am getting e-mail for every single new question in (confluence). Furthermore, I have my settings to *NOT* send me e-mail for watched topics, and it's sending me e-mail. I'm getting an e-mail every few minutes. This is completely out of control.

I can confirm, I am also receiving emails for, what seems like, every thread. Watch All is not checked though I went ahead and toggled it on and off again just to see if that would do anything. still receiving emails.

50+ notification emails so far, and the unwatch link navigates to an error page

Make it stop!

I went to this page: And looked for all the places that had the 'Unwatch' link, clicked each one (no error). Now I'll watch and see if I get any more emails...

How are we doing on the notifications issue? I'm getting way too many notifications. There should be option to get notifications on instant, daily, weekly, never basis

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Hello again!

I'm missing "Browse Questions"... now you have buttons for Recent and unanswered, but that only display a couple of questions. You can't find or see the rest that way.

Sometimes I just like to browse to read about new stuff, learning about JIRA or Confluence or just to see who I can help...

Hope it comes back!

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Hi Joe,

In the previous Answers site, users can see the Karma of the contributing users just beside their answers or comment. I can't see it in this new Confluence Questions Karma. Is it an expected behaviour or we should create a bug/feature request for that.

So far it looks good for me. Can't wait to see the avatar though. Great job mate.

Septa Cahyadiputra 

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I filed an issue before seeing this question:

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I'm not appreciating the auto-watch on every issue I commented on and every topic I participated in. At least that is what it appears to be from the migration. There does not seem to be a central place to see what I am watching to quickly stop watching them. 

Thank you Bill. Hopefully that helps reduce the amount of message I suddenly started receiving. It was likely the auto subscript to recommended updates feature that was on by default.

Thank youf or the link. But how do you get there without the link? There's nothing to see about those settings when going to Settings in your profile...

yeah, that link needs to be made public. there are a lot of people upset about all the emails. Ive received well over 200 over the last couple days and ive only ever participated in one thread. but thanks for the link. hopefully that will finally solve the problem.

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It seems we can no longer instaban spammers, which was a feature available once you had enough karma points. Will this be coming back?

The feature is available in Questions in the user profile right sidebar. We have some improvement planned for this feature

Hi Julien, I just found it and tried it on the latest spammer, but even after confirming to ban this user in the pop-up it doesn't do anything. Best regards, Peter

Hi Peter, That is correct, we created a feedback out of this issue here:

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Hi there,

When you post an answer to a question in e.g. topic Confluence, you get a popup if you want to watch topic Confluence. I think there's a small percentage of people who would like this, because this is about the whole topic and you'll be flooded with e-mails wink I have answered 3 questions and I already find it annoying. So.... maybe it's a bit too much service?

Hi @Vera Henrichs - I agree it's a bit annoying to get the same popup all the time - I've created to track improving this.

Thank you. Watched + upvoted it!

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Mirek Community Champion Sep 07, 2014

I noticed now that that spam is still added (Below is a example)

صيانة ثلاجات اريستون 01060037840 _0235699066 توكيل ثلاجات اريستون

Full Name is still used from Billing Account not nickname.

Overall finally migration is over however I do not see those recent changes that were gathered and resolved during beta testing phase..

@Joe Clark [Atlassian], is that right?

Hey Mirek, We have the instaban feature and a spam blacklist to try and combat the spammers. Let's continue the discussion about the billing name problem on the relevant JIRA ticket - You can see the fixes that we made as a result of the beta testing feeback by looking at this JQL:

Mirek Community Champion Sep 08, 2014

Looks good! Now I see that important changes for me are still waiting to be deployed on PRD. And I am happy that the billing name problem is resolved. Keep up the good work.

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I noticed that I can now accept answers inother people questions. Should it be like that or it is a bug?

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I think it's because of your Karma points that give you the privilege to do that.

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From your comment, I'm aware that we do not provide a clear link to FAQ and such information is not included for now. So I created this feedback ticket: If you have any feedback, feel free to create yours.

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Well, I wasn't expecting the FLOOD of email I got this morning since I long ago set my preferences to never send me email. It took me a while to figure out how to stop it.

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I cannot post an answer - Its saying this : Your post was rejected because it contains blacklisted words. Please contact the admin for more information. Why?

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For my above problem, I have filed the issue here : . Please address soon.

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Same thing, I cannot post answers and getting rejected errors

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