set value for Name Attribute of specified "ObjectType" by script


i'm not good programmer Please help me.

how can i insert value for  "Name" attribute of specified "ObjectType" that both value handle with 2 custom field that set by user.


i need script that handle two jira custom filed As that :

Step 1)  select  or type object type Name or id (which before i created in my object scheme and exist )

 step 2) create object for object type step 1 and set value for Name Attribute  Which is specified in the previous step

 Please Help Me!!


Best Regards

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Hi meysam, 


You can do this by looking at our Groovy script example found here

In the example the object type with id 1 is used. You can change this to use a value from a custom field if I understand what you want to achieve correctly. 


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