import gliffy diagrams into diagramly

is there capability to export gliffy diagrams and import into diagramly

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See this post. You can import from Gliffy diagram even if you don't have a valid Gliffy license via the attachements, the process is shown in this video.

Thanks @David Benson [] for the link to this tutorial. However, something does not work for me.

First step:

You can also right click on the Gliffy diagram and select "View Source"

=> This is ok, so I copy the source code (JSON format).



In a new diagram press ctrl/cmd-V to insert the Gliffy diagram

=> Where do I paste this JSON snippet? There is a textarea in the 'Options' / 'Advanced' / 'Edit' menu. But if I paste the JSON snippet in it and click "OK", no content is added.


Thanks in advance,

Did you try pressing Ctrl-V in a new diagram?

Yes I did. Even if it is sounds weird to paste a code snippet in the "diagram area".

What version of are you using and what version of Confluence?

Confluence v 5.8.16 v 3.0.0 3.x doesn't have Gliffy import, you need to upgrade

Ok, thanks for your reactivity and this feedback.

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