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We recently upgraded from Jira 7.0 / SD 3.0 to Jira 7.3.8 / SD 3.5.2 which now uses the upgraded (for compatability) Extensions for Jira Service Desk 5.0.

As the sys admin user, we are able to login, submit requests, and have forms populated with dynamic content (User Picker (single user), Select List (single choice) with Dynamic and Multi-level Fields) work.

After the upgrade, however, as a regular user, when making the same request, those fields are flat text, and dynamic fields are exploded.

Has anyone encountered this before? 5.0 just got a patch to 5.1 today, however I'm hesistant to start fiddling with things as this may be another issue.


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Did you contact the developer in the market place?  We've been eying this as well.  Their release notes for 5.0.1 indicate only bug fixes but not what they were.



They asked for a diagnostics bundle. I will provide that a bit later, busy with QA'ing the actual upgrade :).

In the interim, downgraded the plugin to 4.3.2. Things are looking up so far. Remember to restart Jira after the downgrade :)

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