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As per the documentation hre,, it seems that there is only this one tabular reporting format for this plugin.

Can I create a Issues query and use that to add a component to a standard JIRA dashboard?

For example, I want to see a graph of number of JIRA tickets that violated SLA1 week over week. Is it possible to report something like this?


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Thanks Lameck.


No, I am not using service desk.

Hi Jimy,

There are couple of gadgets besides report. And also there are almost 20 JQL functions so that you can create your own filters and use them in any dashboard gadget (for instance two dimensional filters).

If you give details we can try to help you more


Thanks for your prompt response Tuncay.

As a starting point, I am looking to create something basic like the attached table 

Where each column is just showing number of JIRA tickets that violated that particular SLA transition and rows are by team which is a custom field on each JIRA ticket.


Hi Jimy,

At the moment you can not create exactly same report with your request.

However you can create separate tables

 SLA: Not Started -> Investigation
Team A3
Team B5
Team C8


And same for other SLA definitions.

You can create such tables using "Two dimensional filter", giving a filter recorded with one of our handy JQL functions (assuming team info is a field/custom field within the issue)

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