COT - how to transfer parent ticket fields to subtask? Not working

COT is setup and working.

Currently I am auto-generating several custom sub-tasks based on a multi-check box field value in the parent ticket.

Issue I am trying to problem solve is how to copy(transfer) parent field values to the custom fields setup in the Sub Task?

I can get the custom field value to transfer to the description using %Voice Over% in the description field, but how do I copy/transfer over all the custom fields & field values to the new ticket? I have tried to follow the instructions explicility, however %Voice Over% in the "parent custom fields to copy" field doesn't produce any results, and "Voice Over" without % as you illustrate in your example doc produces a NULL error.

Please assist and thankyou.

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This was a custom field issue. Need to make sure that the custom fields have been associated with the correct screens related to the subtasks.

Okay, I'm able to transfer 3 fields using the preset fields. But I have 8 custom fields that need to be transferred. Is the best suggestion to do this directly via the XML?

Thoughts would be most welcome here.

  1. %Voice Over% is replaced with the string representation of the Voice Over custom field value.
  2. The parent custom fields to copy is a comma separated list of custom field names or ids - don't use % here
  3. You should be able to specify all 8 fields in the parent custom fields to copy field.
  4. Open an issue if you are still having difficulties

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