Are the start and end dates shown in the roadmap captured in the Epic issuetype?

I'd like to use this for calendar planning, but I need the dates to be captured in the epic issuetype.

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Hi Terry, thanks for reaching out.

Are you looking for the ability to show the scheduled epics on Confluence Calendars? If so, would a Roadmap embed on Confluence be of use? 

I ask because we made the decision to not use custom date fields to set epics start and end dates on the roadmap.

We spent several months learning from customers and one aspect that kept coming up in customer conversations was that product managers would create multiple epics for the same 'thing'. For instance, a product manager would have ABC-123: Onboarding v1 and ABC-124: Onboarding v2. As work progressed they would move the 'not done' issues from ABC-123 to ABC-124, just to align with start/end dates on the epic. It wasn't terribly flexible.

So we decided to take a different approach and allow a product manager to visualise a single epic several times on the roadmap. This means that the product manager no longer needs to create multiple epics and shuffle the 'not done' issues from one epic to another. For more details see our blog post on the topic.

As this can result in multiple start/end dates for a single epic we can not use existing date fields in Jira.

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