Trello PEI was Born - November 20 2018

Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Nov 22, 2019

The first Trello PEI event was a big success! Despite a 20cm snow storm in the forecast we had 31 in attendance (45 RSVPS - 15 no shows due to storm). A fantastic evening of trello-ing, learning and networking, as well as three guest speakers with a wide range of discussions.

After an icebreaker to get to know everyone, their expectations and interests, I told my story of how I was introduced to Trello, and shared how I use it for all aspects of my life. I went through some of the Trello inspiration boards based on peoples sharing during the ice breaker. It was a very interactive session. 

Steve Zheng shared his love of Trello and how he uses it for Agile, he walked the participants through his team board and each of the roles from developer, to tester to client and everything in between. He also shared how he learned English using Trello.

Brian Lynch shared how he uses Trello to collaborate with his international clients and how he uses it for Project Management with his team. 

We had Trello newbies to advanced users in attendance, and the content shared matched. Very positive feedback received from participants, and I have already received interest of when the next Trello PEI event will be!

Here are a few photos of the evening as well as the event page for your interest:




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