Next PDX AUG Meetup

Davin Studer Community Leader Jan 07, 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed the PDX AUG meetings that I have been able to attend. Is there any plans for the next one in this shiny new year of 2019?

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@Davin Studer I think the Portland user group is currently on hiatus and recruiting new leadership! I nominate you and @Karen O'Keefe!

For real, let me know (both of you) if you're interested in helping revive the Portland AUG. 

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Davin Studer Community Leader Mar 12, 2019

Hmm. What is the commitment level for something like that?

Davin Studer Community Leader Mar 13, 2019

@Monique van den Berg For me it really depends upon the typical commitment level for it. If it's not too bad then maybe. Honestly, I've got like zero connections for a meeting places or speakers. :) I guess I'm tentatively interested.

There are plenty of places to meet around town--and I am a Toastmaster--so I have a jillion speaking connections.

Davin Studer Community Leader Mar 28, 2019

I took some time to chat with Kimberly Deal (another AUG leader) and I think based on that conversation this would be too much for my schedule. I really would love to help lead it, but I don't think I really have the time to do it well right now. I would, however, totally be willing to speak for an event.

Davin Studer Community Leader Mar 28, 2019

@Karen O'Keefe You going to Summit? If you are I'll be there and would be happy to introduce myself.

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No, I am not. Wish I were....


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