What a way to start 2019!!! Edited

Jennifer_Weser Community Leader Jan 27, 2019

We had such a great lunch and learn to kick off 2019!! We had almost 30 people attend and we learned about an organization focused on creating Palm Beach as a Tech Hub do a presentation!! 

It's very hard to bring talent to Florida, heck I have been looking to relocate myself, as the storms are getting more serious and the proposed idea of global warming has Florida being the  next city of Atlantis. However I think we have a bit more time to make Florida great again, lol. It's hard to promote an Atlassian culture  if you don't have a culture to grow from.  So this is a few pictures from our last event, I hope you share!




Jennifer_Weser Community Leader Jan 27, 2019

*sigh, I am having trouble uploading pictures

I will get you guys pictures soon, I think I shall play laptop Frisbee in the mean time and get a machine that meets my needs, lol. 

Love and free speech,


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Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing and I wish I would have been able to attend. What was the name of the organization that you referred to that would like to create Palm Beach as a tech hub? I hope that momentum continues to flow further south. :) 

Jennifer_Weser Community Leader Jan 29, 2019

Hey Melanie, thanks for reaching out. The name of the organization is Palm Beach Tech. You can reach them several ways but PalmBeachTech.org/Slack is a good way to start.

Hope you can come to the next event it would be great to meet up!



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