Palm Beach AUG - Swags challenge! Edited


During the last year we have a good number of AUG Events and we distributed cool swags. Which one was the preferred one?

Respond and get a special swag on the AUG meeting in March!. We have it and you will own it!


See you soon and don't forget to reply with your best Atlassian Swag... and why not to propose some ideas as well! There are not limits for dreams...

(BTW, the Tesla as a swag was already required, so try a different one ;) 


The cell phone grip was nice...never had one, would have never bought one and even having it I was reluctant to using it, until my son decided to stick it on there and no it stayed. 

Jennifer_Weser Community Leader Mar 18, 2019

We need to get our hands on some Atlassian Long Sleeve T-Shirt hoodies!!!


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