Another great night in the books for 2019!!!

Jennifer_Weser Community Leader May 14, 2019



Jennifer_Weser Community Leader May 14, 2019

My food picture disappeared, I hope you guys can see it! Anyway, had a couple of presenters tonight, the gentleman you see with Fabian is Russel Zera, he is a Community Leader from the NJ area. We talked a lot about server to cloud migration and he had some very sound advice and ideas. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn if you have any concerns about switching to cloud from server. Or send me your info and I will hook you up with a contact, I met Russel in Vegas and he is an alright dude! We also had a presentation from Manish Gupta from EduBrite, they have an LMS for Jira Service Desk. It looks pretty cool and you can use it internally for training your Ladies and Gentlemen or as an outward facing system to train your customers. Al in all it was a good night, we were a small group this evening but the quality was THERE!!! Come check out our next event and drop us a note and tell us what type of Atlassian cool stuff you would like to learn about, we can spin up meetings for days but if you aren't there it's not the same.

Have a fabulous rest of the week! Cheers - Jenn 

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the update and sorry for the light attendance yesterday. As we are already using Atlassian cloud versions of almost all products (except for Bamboo) this time was not as relevant for our situation.

One of the products I've heard very little about is BitBucket Pipeline - a few years ago it was touted as the successor product to Bamboo. In recent times I've heard little about BitBucket Pipeline, even from the Atlassian 2019 summit keynotes it didn't appear to get much coverage (or I just missed it). If there was a presentation by some BitBucket pipeline users / experts, I would certainly attend.

Cheers, Thomas.

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Jennifer_Weser Community Leader May 15, 2019

Thanks Thomas!! I will check into that with Fabian and we will see if we can make it happen!!

Cassie_Mayes Community Manager May 16, 2019

Thanks for sharing @Jennifer_Weser ! Russell is awesome and I'm sure he dropped a ton of knowledge.

Jennifer_Weser Community Leader May 16, 2019

He did @Cassie_Mayes It was amazing! Hey do we have other AUG leaders who have presentations like this that they may like to do for AUG's? I think it would be fun to sprinkle in other AUG leaders if they are up for it. Working on those presentation skills would be a bonus too!


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