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Questions reapppear with no change

Mizan Rising Star Jun 04, 2012

Since few days i am observing a strange thing on Answers active question list , Questions reappear on top of the list without any change (No additional post),

At first i thought it might be a bug related to the timezone later i figured out that the questions are being edited often .

I may be wrong but i believe the posts are being edited for karma points ,

Is this fair ?.

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There was a discussion of this over at Why editing an answer has Karma points, which was why it got set like this originally. I like the improvement request that you should only be able to do this perhaps once or twice per day:

Mizan Rising Star Jun 05, 2012

Hey Jeremy ,

So are there any plans to implement this ?

Yes, we'll implement it, but not immediately. We're working on search and performance first.

Mizan Rising Star Jun 10, 2012

Will there be Hercules for answers too ?

Hercules is a stacktrace analysis tool. Is that what you mean, or do you mean recommendations as you type? There is already a feature for matches as you type, it just needs to be improved along with the search engine.

Mizan Rising Star Jun 11, 2012

I thought Hercules provides recommendation after we type our description , i found it very helpful when i had created a support ticket .

Ah right. No, that's Virgil. And answers has virgil-like technology. Go to ask a question and type something in. The problem is it's slow right now, but we should have it fixed (sped up, and better results) soon.

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There's another possibility, one that is nothing to do with editing (or rather, nothing to do with editing the content).

Last time I checked, a question will bump to the top of the list when retagging is done... be it adding, removing, or changing tags.

Hmm, Is it fair? I think the concept is fair when you are doing it as an editor. I do not know if editng another message will give me more karma points or not, but I would hope not. If it only gives you 3 points per day, then it may not be bad.

I want to believe that people are editng their own message to bring that message to the top of the queue. I do believe most people are not trying to game the system. It is human nature to follow the rules!

Mizan Rising Star Jun 04, 2012

Editing your own question dont earn you karma

I gained 0 karma

0 votes

Create a "shame list". On the old atlassian marketplace, some people edited their plugins just to always show on the "Recently updated" list; they were just changing some punctuation or even a space (that place was a free advertising spot). I do not know if this is still happening, but I find it worse than editing for karma. LOL.

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Unfortunately, I did get more 3 karma points.

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As requested I edited the message again and I did not get more karma points. I will try another message and see what happens now.

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Mizan Rising Star Jun 04, 2012

Thanks Norman ,

you can edit it once again and check if you get another 3 points ;) you can write your name before the edit or it will confuse others ,

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I will let you know if I get karma points if I edit your question. I know I got a badge for editing, but I do not remember if I got karma points as well.

Wow, I got 3 karma points for editing your message. The removal of the text did not.

0 votes

> I may be wrong but i believe the posts are being edited for karma points
You can easily check that by clicking on the author's name, and then in the profile page look at the Recent Activity.
If posts are being edited regularly they will show up there multiple times.

> Is this fair?
If it's done to gain karma, then no, that's not fair.
But remember it's karma, so it has its own way of setting things straight...

Mizan Rising Star Jun 04, 2012

Editing a post is good if it is really needed

I can see users who have continously edited others post several times

There is no simple way to find out who edited my post , points are given out only if you edit others post .

It is my obeservation that questions are not being answered at all. It is precarious for a new Confluence user like me .Are ideas/suggestions so hard to come by even with UI wireframe images being added in questions ? I am not expecting the entire code spoon fed to me. But even a starting point or "yes it can be done using this" is hard to come by. i am stuck since a day and feeling quite low :( without any help from the community which i thought would be thriving like other CMS majors.

Mizan Rising Star Jun 04, 2012

Hey Vishnu ,

Sorry to hear that , but there are more answers than questions on this forum .

Since experts from different part of the globe are on this forum sometimes it takes time for your question to get answered .

I see questions being responded to all the time. This forum is quite active (take this question for example!). There are many times when I try to answer a question that someone else beats me to it. Yes, there will always be questions that do not get answered, but not all questions can be answered by the community of users.

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