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Miscellaneous Monday... errr... Tuesday! - How to Travel like a Boss

Good morning folks!

I'm a day late and many (many) dollars short, but yesterday was a work holiday here in the states! (Yes, I had a fabulous and much-needed three-day weekend). 

Many members of the Atlassian community are traveling this week, and this special TUESDAY edition of Miscellaneous Monday is dedicated to you!

I'd love it if you would share some funny travel tips, travel stories, or any good Summit news you hear since I'm stuck here at my desk. 

Meg's Very Helpful and Extremely Useful List of Travel Tips:

1. Always pack a towel


2. Take great pictures using the handy guide below


3. Make sure to pack clean underpants


4. Learn some basic phrases for your destination country


5. Make sure to take lots of pictures of your food with fancy filters. Remember: the goal is to make your friends back home jealous of how cultured you are!



Above all - have fun!



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Couldn't agree more with points 1 and 3 ! IMPERATIVE  :)

No one likes shopping for essentials at an airport. Holy price gouging, Batman!

Especially point 3 is very important, we just learned again when arriving for summit in Barcelona without our baggage.

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 04, 2018

The best story to share which I hope no one else will have to go through is check your passport some time ahead. I had to go back to my place after the security at the airport noticed that my passport expired at least 3 months ago. It was an international flight.

Also the 2 items I always have in my traveling backpack is an extra top and pair of jeans as with kids I know I will end up having some food or a spilled drink on my clothes.

Last thing you want is to arrive to destination with dirty clothes on top of the dark circles for not getting enough sleep.

I feel like my approach to next-level parenting is that I just shrug at people who give me weird looks when I'm a wreck and out with my kids. I make the eyes of 'you understand, don't you?' at the passerby and hope they smile in acknowledgement. I seem to always pack extra clothes for my kids, but not me!

Your story about the expired passport sounds like a nightmare!

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 04, 2018

@Meg HolbrookI didn't learn my lesson with passports. This time is was my daughter's passport that expired and we were at the borders with Canada. They didn't give us hard time. I hope I learned it really this time because I almost spoiled our vacation.

Oh no! It's tough to coordinate a whole family, I'm sure you had a lot going on!

Glad Canada was nice about it though, I can't say the same for coming back into the states, they're crazy about passports right now.

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 04, 2018

Believe me @Meg Holbrook, CBP officers in the US didn't give us a hard time at all. We even crossed multiple times the borders.

@Fadoua- that's really great, glad you didn't have any issues.

I had a few friends get majorly hassled coming back into the country from Mexico last year. Ridiculous how folks are treated right now.

Oh, and visa type docs when you need them, and boarding passes.  I've had some near misses:

1. When going to Iceland, as my passport came to an end.  The embassy, the travel company and carrier's websites all said "Your passport must be valid for 3 more months after your return".   Mine was 3 days off that limit so I was fine.  Most countries have a similar limit, but 6 months is more common.  The "jobsworths" at the airport had not read their own rules, and were not going to let me on the flight until I forced them to get a supervisor.

2. Going to the US, check your ESTA if you are from a country that does them - it's usually good for 2 years.  But after I sailed through with mine, I realised my companion had not.  Took him 6 hours to persuade them to let him in.

3. Make sure you book travel passes with the right name.  I'm "Nic" and that's what went on my boarding passes for the last summit.  That's not my real (passport) name, so while it's a common nickname in English speaking countries and the UK flight didn't even notice the difference, it's less common in Spain, and I was blocked from the 'plane.  The supervisor let me on though, as he had a similar nickname situation, and thought it would be easier to let me get to the country on my passport and then let border control in the UK worry about it.

Love this topic Meg, and all your tips are amazing (& hilarious too)! I so wish I was at the Summit (and Trello Day tomorrow) and in Barcelona *swoon* The silver lining, next year in Vegas!

Couple of travel trips I have learned over the years:

-keep a toiletry/show bag packed (on that is airplane friendly) - when you get home from a trip fill up any bottles, replenish any stock. Then for your next trip, throw it in your carry on or suitcase, and you don't have to think about it.  I have a little one packed for carry on (1-3 day trips) and a larger one packed for checked baggage (4days-2 week trips).

-buy the canvas zippered totes, they are great for packing an outfit in, then you don't have to think about it, and only need one for each day, or one for day and one for evening.

-pack a canvas bag for dirty clothes, keeps you organized and you can dump the bag right in the washer when you return

-pack some EmergenC or ultima replenisher packs to stay hydrated

-pack a power bank, as we know roaming eats your battery so you don't want to miss out on that amazing photo if your battery has died.

-If you overestimated the size of our suitcase, and don't have room for all those new purchases, roll your clothes, amazing how much you can fit in a suitcase when you use this method. It has saved me a few times. Also bring a gift bag or cloth shopping bag for extra items, airlines tend to let you take on an extra bag when it's a gift, at least in my experience.

-bandaids - they have come in handy, no matter how comfortable my shoes I tend to walk much more while travelling and all of a sudden a pesky ankle blister appears. 

-don't overpack - if you have your passport, phone, and wallet (Debit or Visa), prescription drugs etc.. everything else you forgot you can buy on the fly :) 

That's all I can think of so far!

Oops just realized you asked for "funny" travel tips, mine are pretty practical, not so funny!

How about, bring a disposable camera - you never know when you might need it! :)

Awesome tips @Jodi LeBlanc! Will definitely meet up with you at Summit Vegas next year ^_^

I can't say enough about packing bandaids. However much walking you plan on doing, there's always more. I put in like 20 miles at last year's Summit, half of that I feel like was just walking back and forth across the concourse.

@Jodi LeBlanc- I think your practical tips are way more helpful anyway.

That's it, I'm bringing a flat of disposable cameras for all the champs next year, we've talked enough about it. I'm envisioning them wrapped in cute little branded stickers. @Monique vdB- how can we make this happen LOL

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 04, 2018

I hope we can all meet in Vegas next year.

@Fadoua- Yes! Hopefully I'll be done with the project I'm eyeballs deep in by then (feels like it will never end). In any case, I will have plenty of time to prepare my team for a few days away.


The European summit is on right now.... flight is only 2hr, tickets and hotel dirt cheap.... and yet STILL missing due to project deadlines :(

Sure hope I can get to Vegas. That would be EPIC !

OMG that would be amazing to have a flat of Atlassian Branded disposable cameras - they would be a massive hit! Wow only 2 hours away Andy, hope you can get to Vegas with us next year :)

It's pretty call living on this weird continent where so many cultures and such diversity is crammed into a small location. Small amounts of travel required to have an insane experience.

Did you know that Texas covers most of west europe? :oO

Just to give some perspective on diversity, within that indicated landmass there are roughly 20 different languages (including dialects).


Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 04, 2018

Practical tip: I love my Away carry-on suitcase! It's super durable, has an ejectable battery pack and a compression feature that enables me to overpack even ~more~ than I already do. 🌏

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 04, 2018

@Erica Mossthen no excuses for you, extra swags please to share with me 😂

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 04, 2018

@Fadoua Ha! I like where your head's at. 😄

@Erica Moss- this bag is traveling wizardry... it COMPRESSES... I'm letting that sink in for a second.

I'm over here packing for trips like:


Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 04, 2018

@Meg Holbrook Ugh, I get it.

"What does that sink want now!?"

"To go with you on your travels" :oD



Fadoua Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

@Meg Holbrookthe picture is hilarious 🤣

OMG too funny!! Stealing/borrowing this amazing meme :)

Wow that carryon is incredible! This is mine, it’s Nine West, doesn’t have any bells and whistles but it’s easy to find :)5D220100-DD79-4CAF-BE7E-1EC5FD563F42.jpeg46C7C677-D4E2-4C01-AFFF-D0022826930C.jpeg

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

Does the little guy fit inside your carry-on @Jodi LeBlanc I will love to pet him

Aww not sure why the pics are on here sideways. LOL he would love to go with me, every time he sees a suitcase he begins to shake, doesn't like when I leave him. You can see it in his face, but luckily this was taken after I got home :)

I'm not huge on traveling. I love being places but I hate getting there. I get super motion sick in cars and especially on planes... which is probably why I have never left the states...

I have to always make sure I pack Dramamine and/or Meclizine and a blindfold. I'm okay if I sleep the entire way.

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

@Heth Siemerwelcome to my club, I hate the take off, I carry Meclizine too

My weirdest travel experience I think was when I was in Travnik, Bosnia. I was teaching English for the summer and while I was there I went to a camera shop to get some more film. So, there I was pointing at a shelf saying "chetiri sto" (400) over and over ... I wanted ASA 400 film ... and the guy behind the counter was just staring at me totally not getting it. So he asked me if I spoke Bosnian and I had to say "Ne" (no). I asked him if he spoke English and he said no. Then randomly he asked me "Parlez vous francais?" (Do you speak french?). Fortunately, I took four years in College. So, my response was "Oui, un peu." (Yes a little). So, there I was in Bosnia speaking with a Bosnian man in French.

I got my film.

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 09, 2018

@Davin Studerwe are couple of French speaking champions here. On peut toujours pratiquer notre Francais (sorry pas de c cedille sur mon clavier)

Alt + 0231 gets you "ç". : )

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 10, 2018

Merci c'est note

Always raid Atlassian summits for useful travel swag. 

I've got a pile of usb adapters, batteries, plug convertors and organiser bags.  Including a unicorn, you can't go wrong with a unicorn (usb adapter)

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 10, 2018

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_sharing is caring 😉

I like to travel light: backpack only when possible. If I need to, I take a carry-on (which I sometime check-in as a small suitcase).

For Summit, I always take my special backpack: it expands from a couple inches on my way in to almost 20 inches when filled with swag :-)

My checklist: Where is my passport? Anything else can be replaced or shipped back (never had to).

carolyn french Community Leader Sep 12, 2018

I've been struggling with differences in time zones during travel, and I've definitely been trying to improve in this area. About a year ago now my sister bought me a Stop Jet Lag Plan for a big trip, which gives you a specialized plan to follow. The key for me was to try to adopt the meals/sleep schedule of the destination place a few days before leaving. Even if it just means altering meals/sleep by a few hours, it will help. Also, on the plane, I'm a total kill-joy and beverage-wise only drink water (I get too hangry if I skip meals on the plane, which is a recommendation that I just can't get on board with). I've found that drinking anything other than water will either wake me up too much or disrupt sleep. Plus, water is great for hydration, and it forces you to get up every few hours to use the bathroom, thus minimizing swelling and preventing blood clots. Then, try to sleep a lot on the plane, so as not to be miserable. 

And lastly, just try to power through that jet lag! (still in that part of the equation currently...) 

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