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Miscellaneous Monday - What would the title of your biography be?

What a week this has been, everyone.

I am posting so late in the day because I'm finding it incredibly difficult to engage with the world right now. @Erica Moss wrote a truly inspiring article this morning that really helped me to shake these feelings, so here I am!

I think participation in community and family are some of the things that pull me out of a funk, and I'm honored to share this space with you all. 

Without further ado, my question to you today is:

What would the title of your autobiography be?

We all have stories to tell and I'm constantly in awe of the ways that people squeeze their lives, experience and wisdom between the pages of a book. I've done some thinking on this and I think I would call my autobiography:

My Mind is Out to Get Me

In my life I've battled with anxiety, depression, and a nagging sense of not belonging anywhere. As I've gotten older, I've definitely opened up about my struggles and found my tribe, but the steps weren't easy. I've thought about writing a book before, but the procrastination and self-doubt side of my brain seem to prevent me from believing that this is anything people would read (this isn't a cry for help, I mostly just procrastinate a lot).

Share your title in the comments below and let's show each other some extra love this week. 



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My exciting journey from North Africa to North America.

You should be more than confident  that you have a power to spread love from far away. You are gifted 😘

@Meg HolbrookAnxiety is becoming part of everybody's life. I blame it on the stressful life we are leading as mothers, wives, employees,.... we are wearing so many hats that we forget to slow down and think about ourselves.

Unfortunately for me, a panic disorder was always a part of the equation, but I agree that life these days has not been conducive to feeling calm!

I would 100% read your story, and believe that you are an amazing role model and person. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Oct 01, 2018

I would call my biography „Is this really necessary?“ - „Muss das jetzt auch noch sein?“ in German.

This was the spontaneous reaction from a further friend of us to the invitation to our marriage. Needless to say that we told her not to come to the party and we are no friends anymore.

After reading the biography, I hope everyone will answer the question with „yes“ :-)

WOW. That's all I can say @Thomas Schlegel. The level of sassiness I would have thrown towards that person would have been amazing. 

I agree. Yes, necessary. We need more of you and less of her in the world. 

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 01, 2018

@Thomas Schlegel My eyes just rolled into the back of my head — clearly, it was that person's loss and not yours! Keep shining, friend. 💎

Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 01, 2018

As someone who has never found their tribe, I doubt there is an audience for a biography about me. I was penalised in many assignments because the "self" I presented was not relatable to others.

I strive to live unapologetically and true to my values now. We are all more than the sum of our parts (experiences).

@Meg Holbrook - I have found strength in focusing on authenticity. Our neurotransmitters may not always play nice with us but we can try to be nice to ourselves and others. :)


Anyways, all the advice anyone needs is already contained in in this song.

@Kat - I enjoy reading the things that you post (and happy that I get to see you posting more). 

I haven't heard that song in ages, thanks for sharing. I sent it over to my team this morning because it bears listening to again. 

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 01, 2018

@Meg Holbrook Honored and humbled that my post had a positive impact on you, Meg. Your ability to be vulnerable in this thread means you're well on your way to banishing your self-doubt and putting pen to paper for that book. ✨

My memoir title would be something like, "34, Going On 13," as I am a forever fangirl who embraces the more absurd aspects of life. 🦄

Embracing the absurd is really what gets me through most days. #thatunicornlife

Mine would be called "I'm Completely Making This Up As I Go."


It's about how I legit have no idea how to adult and the struggles of being an adult with an educational system that didn't explain ANYTHING about how to adult. And then the entire thing will end up being how NOT to adult followed by oops-ing into adulting properly.

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 04, 2018

@Heth Siemer Being an adult is hard, which is probably why I reject it most days. 🙈

@Heth Siemer I hear ya. I've found that parenting is so much about "I'm Completely Making This Up As I Go." I truly feel for my first born ... we're pretty much just experimenting on him. Well intentioned and thought through certainly, but still untested. By the time it all filters down to the youngest we've pretty much got it figured out.

I've been in the diaper and sleepless nights business for about 11 years now. So, I think mine would be ...

Memoirs of a truly-God-blessed-technophile-trekkie-zombie-family-man

That about sums me up. : )

haha @Davin Studer - that's a great one!

I've also struggled with my brain chemistry over the years, but through the grace of God and skilled pharmacists I'm still surviving! With that in mind, along with the recent performance of the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, Lebron's hurried departure (again) and everything that is the Cleveland Browns, I offer my biography:

There's Always Next Year: The Perpetual Hope of Growing Up Cleveland.

hahahaha @Scott Theus that's awesome!

Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 10, 2018

@Meg Holbrook I'm really struggling this week. Lots of rage and anxiety at the state of the world and fear about the upcoming elections. 🤯  I have had to increase my doses of anxiety meds to cope. But Miscellaneous Monday helps!

When I was in fifth grade I wrote an autobiography and titled it, humbly, "A Star Is Born." I'm still equally humble, so sticking with that. 

Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 10, 2018

@Monique vdB - your prescription from me is to spend some time here and here.

Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 10, 2018

@Kat thank you! I knew about this one and visit daily but not the other two!

Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 10, 2018

It makes me happy to help someone.

Omg @Monique vdB - a star was for sure born. There is no doubt in my mind.

Let's keep making happy bubbles of relief on the interwebs. 

Vinu Rising Star Dec 20, 2018

Arriving at the 11th hour to the party!

It is a whole different way how a first bencher and a last bencher perceive life. I have got the weird mixture of being at both the extremes and what they teach you will lead you through rest of your life smoothly.

Mine would be Journey to becoming a lastbencher from being a first bencher

And for Santa's biography -- Spreading goodness and cheer though not present

Like Thomas Schlegel likes this

Great submissions @Vinu! Thanks for popping by from the advent calendar!

Like Vinu likes this

Wow this is a tough one, need more coffee before attempting to reply :)

I think that's a great title for your biography! :P

Like Thomas Schlegel likes this

Too funny! That could be the title of chapter one when I am replying at 6am while trying to turn my brain on with coffee lol

How about :

"Confessions of a Former pack rat turned minimalist"


"Finding your life's calling as a Govvy"


"How I lived a life with kindness on my sleeve"


I am sure I will have more ideas after this second coffee lol

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