What's your favorite Atlassian Logo?

Hello Everyone, 

Billy here.

What's your favorite Atlassian Logo?

Here's a link in case you want to get the deets.  


Screenshot 2018-10-16 10.50.25.png


I think I like Trello the most as it's so visibly close to the actual product.  But... Bitbucket.  It's a bucket.  Buckets hold stuff.  Like code.  

I really like the main Jira one, but not sure exactly how it represents the tool.  Crowd's logo is a lock, that makes sense.  Clover's is a clover.  Fisheye's is a fish and an eye depending on how you look at it.  Sourcetree is a tree.  etc.  Are the different arrows in the main Jira logo possibly representing statuses in a workflow?

Matt Doar Community Leader Oct 16, 2018

The t-shirt I get most comments on is the old Stash (now Bitbucket Server) with all the git commands printed in interesting nested circles.

Ollie Guan Community Leader Oct 17, 2018

I like this old Logo.


Fadoua Community Leader Oct 18, 2018

@Ollie Guan Old Charlie is helping great causes, he is busy now.

Fadoua Community Leader Oct 18, 2018

I like JIRA and JIRA Core.


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