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Everything you want to know about next-gen projects in Jira Cloud


Does this mean that development on classic Jira will be stopped/reduced? Also, as some of us are likely Jira Admins....will we be needed anymore or should we be looking for another career??

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I really like the roadmap functionality. Is there a chance that it will either be implemented in the classic projects or is it possible to migrate a classic project to a next-gen project?

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Love the new designs and simplicity! Is there a way to use the roadmaps visual in the classic projects? 

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I'm really curious to try the next-gen project! We've been using a classic scrum board, so I'm a little nervous about the transition (hope to not ruin anything or create a mess), but also excited :) keep up the good work!

Next-gen projects are currently way to simplistic for our internal use, and we actually love the "scheme" concept of those classic projects. Like many already asked, would there be any chance in the near future to see the (very interesting)  roadmap feature developed on classic projects ?

@Romain Vinet @Manu Lohiya @Ken_Casier it's a possibility but it's not currently planned. We are full steam ahead to build out all the power that it's in classic projects into the new next-gen projects.

@Ken_Casier there is no one click migration but you can move issues to a new project using the instructions here

Eoin Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

Thanks @Kerekes_Melinda. It's worth playing around with the new project in the meantime anyway. Feel free to drop us feedback on the things you would like to see the most

Eoin Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

@Vicki Lea Tsang we will continue to build out the next-gen projects to have the same power of the classic projects. The role of the admin will not be something that can be replaced so please don't worry. It will hopefully mean, however, that you have more time to do the important tasks and it's easier for you to manage the projects on your instance.

Eoin Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

@Laurin Stoll we'll continue to build out the next-gen projects to have the same power as the classic projects - but we have no plans to force users off classic projects. We'll be hoping to make the next-gen projects so good that you'll want to move over!

Eoin Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

@Michael Ritacco releases will be something that will be built into next-gen projects in the future. Components is something we will consider in its current state in classic projects but we will absolutely have something that will satisfy the same need.

There will also be future iterations of Roadmap that introduce a broader set of features.

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Can you say when next-gen projects be available for server version ?

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mythili Atlassian Team Nov 11, 2018

@Dennis_Bursy The next-gen projects are only available in the cloud version and we do not have any plans to make it available  for the server version.

While the new features (Roadmap particularly) look great. We are still on Classic projects and do not intend to move anytime soon. Due to this, I removed the Global Permission to create Next Gen Projects from all users, and yet still anyone who can create projects can create Next Gen projects. I think this is a bug. 

In the board area, you can only group by "None", "Assignee", or "Epic". Will there be a way to group by label? I'm trying to emulate "teams" and the current method I'm trying is to label each issue with a team name, then group them in the board. 

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@Merrit_Hall I'm so sorry about the confusion. 

Disabling that permission only applies to users who aren't Jira admins, as Jira admins always have the ability to create next-gen projects (or classic projects).  I understand that the naming of that permission is confusing and we'll fix that ASAP!  We're monitoring feedback about this and will let you know if this changes in the future. 

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I think as a default config, not everyone who has access to your jira cloud should create a project. Let a jira admin of the individual company decide who should have access to create a project. If a project is created, a normal readonly user who is just a user to the company becomes almost a Jira-Admin. 



My request to atlassian developers will be to keep up the good work and remove default config of allowing any user to create a next gen project.




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While welcoming new features, these next gen projects may not be the best option if you want higher level of customization. Our team uses specified workflows and customized screens while logging work in hours, rather than story points. Taking these facts into consideration, next gen projects are something we can't even consider trying as it would not be suitable for our work.

Also, from the point of view of new users, next gen projects might be good as a kick-start into Jira but then again, our experience is that most teams start with work by logging hours and only later when teams and company evolve do they define the story points. Maybe that function is too complex for new users...

In theory, it may sound like a good idea to let other users have more Admin privileges to create projects so they can work in the way that they would like, but it actually creates more work for primary system-admins (these other users do not know enough about how to set everything up, so we are constantly re-configuring, deleting, and unwinding the mess).  Turning off the global permission does not stop admins from being required to create a project when they first log in.  Please give us the ability to turn this off.

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How  can I see the workflow used on this kind of projects? 

Is not possible to edit, create or edit another the workflow? 

what happened with the validations, conditions, properties, post-funtions??? and triggers????

I need to use roadmaps on traditional jira software projects?....Is there a chance to do it?

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@Greg - GoDaddy I think this is the issue that Next-Gen projects are trying to solve. At the moment I totally agree that allowing users the ability to create their own Projects, Workflows and such like often results in a bit a mess that Admins then have to sort out. 

Having looked at Next-Gen all the configuration lives with the project and is owned by the Project and so doesn't appear in the traditional Workflow Schemas and such like. This makes sense in the Agile world where we want to give teams more control within some pre-defined boundaries so I think things are heading in the right direction. 

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@Esteban Diaz To an extent, if they'd added all those features in then they'll just replicating what's already there in the traditional JIRA Projects and so it all becomes a bit pointless. The whole point of the Next-Gen projects is that they are simple so teams can deliver faster. In the Agile world everyone in the Squad/scrum team should be equal - that is anyone can do testing, anyone can push to production and such like and so the validations and conditions to an extent become a little redundant. 

To answer your question, the workflows are driven by the Board Columns. You can add Rules to determine some actions that should be taken as the ticket moves through the board columns so that may provide the post-function type functionlity you are after.

I do agree that having RoadMaps in the traditional JIRA Software Projects would be great as it's been a big hit with our users so far. 

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Yes, I think my biggest problem with the new design is that if a user is provisioned as a site-admin (and even if they are downgraded after provisioning), they cannot even access the instance without creating a project.  I do not think that the first login is the place that users need to be creating projects (even if they have permission and know what they are doing).

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@Greg - GoDaddy, exactly, a few customers first create this kind of projects and then... they cant find the traditional option in project settings....this makes them feel confused and disappointed.

@Esteban Diaz Have you changed the "Create next-gen projects" Global Permission to only allow Admins the ability to create Next-Gen Projects? That way, anyone wanting a new project has to follow the same process they would for creating a traditional Project. 


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