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Classic and next-gen project templates in Jira Software Cloud


@Kevin Bui thanks for the response. Pretty much what I thought and is how we will be using it (Service Desk for BAU work and Ops for Major Incidents).

I did notice some screenshots from JIRA Ops that looks entirely different to the product I have enabled though. Like the ability to have an Incident Manager and a Technical Lead? Instead I have the standard Reporter/Assignee options with no way to change this?

This is really a huge problem. We've been left without most of the features we use normally. I am not sure how to proceed now with new projects, nor is it anymore useful to use Jira at all. Customizations in Jira have always been the main reason for me to work with this product, and it's unbelievable that those features have been simple removed. I need to start a new project urgently, as in now, and I am only offered those new-gen templates that are of little use to me. 

Kevin Bui Atlassian Team Oct 04, 2018

Hi @rasto_mirek - Thanks for your feedback! With these next-gen templates, our goal is to start simple and add more features and customization options progressively. This is a completely redesigned and reimagined Jira experience that we've built from the ground up, so getting the next-gen templates on par with the current Scrum and Kanban experiences will take some time. The feedback we're getting here and in-product will help us get to that point, so we very much appreciate your thoughts.


Hi again @Reiss Snooks - The short answer is that the team is still working on Jira Ops, but decided to open it up now because they think it's already useful. So while they do plan on providing the ability to have an Incident Manager and Technical Lead, these haven't been developed and shipped to the product yet.

If you're interested, the Jira Ops team also have public feature requests that you can follow for  development updates:

If you're interested in providing feedback on what you need, please drop a comment on the relevant ticket.


Hi @Tijana -  The new templates are an optional extra for your team; they haven't replaced the standard Jira Software experience. One thing to note is that while everyone has the ability to create projects from the new templates, only Jira Admins can create projects from the classic Scrum and Kanban templates (which has always been the case). If you want to create a classic project but don't see the option, you'll need to contact your Jira Admin to either get the right permissions, or have them create the project for you. 

Thank you for the explanation @Kevin Bui ! It was indeed the matter of permissions. I am happy that now I can proceed with my work normally. 

In the state "Scrum next-gen" template is not usable.

Indeed, important features are missing like (in descending order of importance):

  • story points estimations
  • subtasks
  • display priority arrow on backlog tickets


I think Story Points estimation is THE Scrum basic.

Sub task give us a better granulometry.

@John I agree as well. I'm sticking to the classic templates, the new-gen ones in my opinion are not useful for a Scrum project. 

Kevin Bui Atlassian Team Oct 10, 2018

Hi @John - Thanks for your feedback, and we hear you loud and clear. Happy to let you know that Story point estimations are coming to next-gen Scrum and Kanban projects very soon. We're also looking to add work breakdown options (like subtasks) in the future.

We are happy with Jira classic, but there is one thing in next-gen that we would like to have - Roadmap.  Moving to next-gen doesn't look appealing because some key features are missing, as mentioned a few comments above.  Is there any way to get just the Roadmap functionality in classic Jira Scrum or Kanban projects?  Thanks.

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patrickt010 Atlassian Team Oct 22, 2018

@Otis Gospodnetić There is no way to enable the Roadmap feature in classic projects, it was built into the new tech stack for next-gen projects. You can use Jira Portfolio with classic projects, this might provide you the functionality that you are looking for. We are constantly adding new features to next-gen projects, you can follow along on what we're working on at our public roadmap.

Please provide an option to summarise effort estimates and remaining effort at a story level for linked subtasks

It is not clear to me how the burn up chart is supposed to work if there is nowhere to input the story points remaining on a task?

@Kevin Bui thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that Story points feature have been release.


A last point, there is an important feature that is missing in todays classic projects and also next-gen projects.

Since you make a great job to rethink and refactoring Jira Cloud projects, I think it is a good moment to implement a missing feature that a lot of your users ask for since years ago.

This feature is, as @Steve Wadsworth says, to have a summarize of sub-tasks remaining (story points) in their parents (task or US).

For example, I have this kind of User Story (or task as you like) :

User Story -> As a user, I can fill some informations to register

  • Sub-task 1 -> Form design (3 Story points)
  • Sub-task 2 -> Update API (2 Story points)
  • Sub-task 3 -> Front integration (4 Story points)

Todays, we have to manually enter the sum of sub-task in the User Story (ie. 9 Story Points), but it will be great to have automatically the parent task which summarize children Story Points.

This feature will save (for a lot of your users) a huge amount of time.


Best regards. You make awesome products ;)

Eoin Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

@John estimate roll ups is definitely on our list of things to do :) We've got a few other big features to get through first but it's coming!! Cheers

+1 for @John's suggestion above on rolling up estimates.  

In addition, it would be great for those to be filtered by version/release, so if stories/sub-features slip out of an epic, you can still see if the ones you are planning to hit for the release will be hit or not.  This all has to be achieved via excel exports for us right now.

Seeing this on the epic roadmap would be fantabulous (if that's a word).

We're trying a gradual migration to the next-gen project type -- is there any way to put next-gen and classic software items in the same board?

There is no way to write multiline instructions in a template. I wish I could use a checkbox from next gen but allow multiline under it. One line is not enough and there are no checkbox options left in classic without paying.

Thanks for this clear insight in the difference between classic and next-gen

Hi, in the classic view I could see the priority of a task on the backlog view. I can't figure out how to show this field on next-gen view. Please advise?

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Do you have update on Time estimation feature, that was months ago "Coming soon" ?

Interesting difference between templates.

Thank you,

Everyone considering a next-gen project should read this article carefully.  Note that the introduction says, "we started with a clean slate and we are rebuilding Jira front to back, and progressively disclosing the power to you."    

Clean slate:  That means you shouldn't assume that any Jira feature or behavior is available unless Atlassian explicitly says it's available.   Yes, it's quicker to set up a project, and yes, there are nice features like being able to create an issue in the current sprint while you're in the active sprint board.  But look at Kevin's table, above.  It says that next-gen project templates are good for users who are "New to Agile, New to Jira, Small".   You're not going to simplify your current complex Jira environment by moving to next-gen projects.   Next-gen projects don't yet allow you to set up anything but a very straightforward workflow, or to have different resolutions/qualifiers on your Resolved status, or to set up the fine-grained permissions you're used to.    Those who are asking "why are the next-gen projects so restricted?  Where are our customizations?" aren't paying attention.  

Yes, the levels of indirection in Jira "classic", with all the schemes, are sometimes confusing and often annoying, and they require you to go through a lot of steps for a simple change.  It sounds like Atlassian has realized that, but there was no simple way to untangle the complexity -- they've had to start over and aim to create a less baroque architecture going forward.   That will be great, maybe, in a few years.  Meanwhile, the next-gen projects have minimal features, which may be enough for lots of projects.  Probably not great for longtime users of Jira who have teams larger than 6 or 8 people, multiple projects, and well-defined workflows.  

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I am completely dumbfounded by these and other comments about next-gen projects.  I'm going to assume that many people are using Jira for Agile projects. In other words, your have an Agile team doing Scrum or Kanban.  There are 12 principles for Agile Software Development, a few of which state:

1) Deliver Working Software Frequently

2) Working Software is the Primary Measure of Success

3) Simplicity

4) Retrospect

It looks like Atlassian is taking the iterative and incremental approach to building out next-gen.  Why on Earth would they spend 3 years trying to rebuild everything in classic before releasing anything? That makes absolutely no sense with an Agile mindset.  They are doing it right.  Leave classic out there and start building out next-gen.  People new to Jira can jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the simplicity next-gen provides  Those who still require the power of classic can continue without being forced to switch.  As new features in next-gen become available, adoption will increase, more people will migrate and everyone will be happy.  

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We recently created a Next Gen project and my team immediately started marking the issues as In progess/Done , instead of putting them in a Sprint and taking up from there. We all are new to Jira and hence the confusion. 
My questions :
1. Can I create a back-dated sprint and assign all the done issues there
2. How can I generate any reports of the work that was marked as Done from the Backlog ?
If reports are not possible ( issues assigned to each developer , time spent by each developer etc) then what could be a possible solution ? Migrating to Classic project ?

Awaiting your kind response.

We have started to use the next-gen project and for existing users who wanted a simplified agile board, these are great, but some things like card colors on priorities is somewhat of a challenge.  We have had to reorganize the cards for our associates to know to work from the top down which can be a pain for the project leads. If there was the ability to add card colors based on priority like the classic projects, i think this would significantly improve our efficiency since users would know at a quick glimpse what the top priorities are.  Overall, these new projects are really helping get our teams into using jira.

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Jira Classic integrates with Tosca quest, I believe, just wondering if Jira next-gen also integrates or also supports Tosca test ?? talks about migrating from classic to next-gen, but it looks like the migration loses a lot of valuable data in the process:

  • Active sprints: Sprints in progress in your classic project won't move to your next-gen project. Issues that were in the active sprint in your classic project will be in the backlog of your next-gen project.

  • Epic links and issue links: Any issue links in your classic project will not exist in your next-gen project. The issues themselves will still exist, but the links between them won't.

  • Subtasks: All subtasks will be lost in this migration process.

  • Custom fields: These must be recreated in your new next-gen project.

  • Story points estimation: This data will be lost, however you'll be able to start using story points estimation by enabling the Estimation feature in your next-gen project.

  • Reports: Data for your project's Velocity report won't be saved. The Velocity report will show that no points were completed in past sprints.


Instead of migrating/moving, can one "clone/copy a classic project to next-gen", so that if the team doesn't like next-gen after this clone/copy, we can discard it and go back to using our classic project?


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