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Next-gen Jira Service Desk

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Oct 1, 2021

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  • JSD Next-gen updates now posted to public Next-Gen community Featured

    Dear Community Members, Last year, we announced the new Jira Service Desk (JSD) experience with the ambition to make it easier than ever to setup and configure projects. Since then, we’ve listened ...

    Rachel Lin started a discussion 5 0 02-12-2020
  • Team vs. Company

    Hi, last year we considered changing a project to team but the reporting wasn't what we hoped it would have been.  For example, we couldn't run the time tracking report.  Is that an option ...

    Randy Hoffman started a discussion 1 0 10-01-2021
  • How do you change from company managed to team managed

    Hi all, new here and I have 2 projects I need to do this to.  Anyone know how to do this?   Thanks in advance, Randy Hoffman

    Randy Hoffman started a discussion 0 3 09-28-2021
  • Any Current Feedback

    I posted something a few months about in this group, but have received very little feedback. Is anyone seriously using these types of projects? 

    John Funk started a discussion 0 2 05-29-2021
  • Curious about your experience between Next-gen and Classic Service Desk

    Hey Everyone, I am not much of a user of Next-gen projects in general, but I am curious about how it functions for you in a service desk (JSM) environment. What advantages and disadvantages do you s...

    John Funk started a discussion 0 1 02-20-2021
  • Choose a Template - Service Project

    Aren't there more templates with NextGen? I am using Next Gen and when setting up a new project -- there is only drop down choice under Choose a Template (Service Project).   When selectin...

    Jeff Kreitman started a discussion 0 9 02-15-2021
  • New Here!

    Just discovered this group and have not yet explored using Jira Service Desk Next-Gen projects but I'm eager to learn more about them!  I've been using Atlassian products since 2014 and love try...

    Kristin Lyons started a discussion 1 6 10-27-2020
  • Updating Status for NextGen ticket with automation

    Hi,   I have automation on any ticket creation at the Jira service desk. I am assigning the ticket based on a type to certain agents. I want to update the status to "Assigned". There is no dro...

    Khalid Tariq started a discussion 0 3 10-09-2020
  • New here!

    We have just switched to JIRA from Zen desk in the school I am working at. I love JIRA it is so powerful to use. Any great tips to get the most out of workflows and automations?  

    Leigh Wolf started a discussion 1 8 10-07-2020
  • What is the network bandwidth used for the cloud service?

    I want to know the network bandwidth used by JIRA service desk data-centers.

    Divyansh Bansal started a discussion 0 0 10-05-2020
  • Hi Everyone, i am new here

    Hello i am new to community and Jira Service Desk, need to learn  can you all help me Thanks

    Rehanuddin Mohammed started a discussion 0 4 10-04-2020
  • Next Gen Roadmap and link to Releases

    The effort that Atlasssian team has made to make this Next Gen project possible has been incredible and I'm liking it everyday even more.  I know they are still working on adding more enhanceme...

    Maylin Ramirez started a discussion 0 0 09-24-2020
  • Next Gen Service Desk External User Permissions

    How do I allow an external jira user to view only their assigned issues. 

    Trena Norcia started a discussion 0 1 07-21-2020
  • How do you manage multiple service desk portals? (solved)

    We have several projects that use the next-gen service desk.  And a few customers that work on several of these projects.  The NextGen Service Desk portals have a URL like:  https://x...

    lies started a discussion 2 5 07-15-2020
  • Copy workflow between Next-Jen Service Desks? (solved)

    We have several Service Desk projects in our JIRA.  I can't find a way to copy the workflow between them.  Which results in having to manually recreating the same workflow over and over, w...

    lies started a discussion 2 16 07-15-2020
  • Jira Service Desk Cloud on Next-gen Roadmap

    Hi! I'm looking for a site or page where Atlassian provides updates on the releases or upcoming features for Jira Service Desk Cloud Next-gen. I've been checking online, but the latest I've seen is ...

    Patricia Campos started a discussion 0 2 07-08-2020
  • Open Ticket from an event with customer notification

    Actually it is possible to open a ticket for a customer a call agent (customer receives confirmation email) I'm looking for a solution to open a ticket from an event and inform the customer that we ...

    Roland Di Gregorio started a discussion 2 3 06-25-2020
  • If / Then ticket flow

    Hi. My company is currently using the product and have created a ticket flow for our implementation team. They had a question for me I couldn't answer, so I'll post it here: Is there a way to set ...

    Tony Lutheran started a discussion 0 1 06-12-2020
  • Not receiving emails outside of the company domain.

    Hello guys, Hope everyone is having a good week, I have run into a problem with Jira service desk, Jira SD is set up so anyone can create a ticket without registering, which works perfectly but whe...

    scott singh started a discussion 0 3 05-14-2020
  • Issue with Workflow Menu

    Hi I have Service Desk cloud hosted and as of recent, just for my profile when I click on an issue to progress the workflow from the issues screen, the popup menu appears behind the navigation menu o...

    Rohan Nunn started a discussion 1 0 05-12-2020
  • Let me Introduce myself in Next-gen Jira Service Desk group!!

    Hello  everyone,  I hope everyone is doing well!! I'm Soumyadeep Mandal   or you can call me SaM! I'm an  Atlassian user for the last couple of years. It was really great to jo...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 1 0 05-06-2020
  • Hey all

    Our Organization is new with JIRA scince last Year at October. We only use the NextGen Projects, in JIRA Software and JIRA Servicedesk too. It is great, but it has too a few disadvantages. The f...

    Adrian Kucharczyk started a discussion 0 0 04-24-2020
  • No option for next gen service desk

    Hi all We've currently got Jira Software but want to add Service Desk so I've set up a new project within Jira   However, i've gone to add a new service desk project and I can't seem to add a...

    Asher Francis started a discussion 0 4 04-09-2020
  • New to the Group

    Hi All, I am new to this group and have been using Atlassian's products for 6 years now. I will contribute to the group as much as I can and will learn too. Stay Safe and Healthy at your home! Re...

    Monika Rani started a discussion 0 0 04-07-2020
  • Next-Gen Email Task Submissions

    Hi All, I am after system generated issues (errors) delivered to Jira via email which will create backlog, or issue items in an existing Next-Gen project. Is this possible? - If yes, how to achiev...

    Paul Olsen started a discussion 0 0 04-06-2020
  • Service Desk Security

    Hi I'm new here and am working on an Enterprise application of JSD for our Agency. One of our main concerns with what we do is data security. I work with an office that issues a series of protocols w...

    Joel started a discussion 0 0 04-02-2020
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