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Next-gen Jira Service Desk

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Jun 23, 2021

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  • Moving Service Desk Request ticket into Software Board (Next Gen)

    Hello Everyone :) I am trying to create an end to end flow in JIRA, starting with a CR request form. My thought process would be to raise this form in a service desk request board as we can alter th...

    carla.caldwell started a discussion 0 6 03-17-2020
  • Introducing a service desk into a multi-layered business

    Hi all. I am introducing a new service desk using JSD.  I need 2xJSD's which then needs to split the portal contents into various customers which they cannot see each others data.  I have ...

    Barry Critchley started a discussion 0 2 03-12-2020
  • Using Votes on Customer-View

    In several communities out there (such as Microsoft) it is currently possible to vote on user questions that have already been asked. The voting function is already available in the Jira Service desk...

    erzn started a discussion 0 0 03-09-2020
  • Additional information on customer portal

    In classic service desk projects there was no option to display additional information in form of certain fields for customers at the customer portal. Not using any plugins I was not able to display ...

    Sebastian Porada started a discussion 1 0 03-06-2020
  • Transitions in the customer portal

    I am giving a try next-gen service desk project. I can't see possibility to enable certain transitions for customers - for example give them ability to cancel or close request. This option was availa...

    Sebastian Porada started a discussion 0 2 03-06-2020
  • Agent Notification?

    Hi, do I understand correctly that no one within the organization is informed by email, when a ticket is created? This is only on the Roadmap for the future? If this is true, it wouldn't make s...

    Alexander Krehbiel started a discussion 8 9 03-03-2020
  • Next Gen or Classic?

    Wanting to move to Jira Service Desk. Do I go with Classic or Next Gen? I don't want to go with Next Gen and then find out there are missing features.    

    Oliver Lloyd started a discussion 0 1 09-17-2019
  • What’s new in your Jira Service Desk - May Edition

    We’re still hard at work adding new capabilities to your new Jira Service Desk experience. Today we’re excited to announce that Jira Service Desk now includes some powerful new features to extend y...

    Molly Bronstein started a discussion 0 0 05-07-2019
  • Jira Service Desk next-gen roadmap

    We’re listening to your feedback!   Our team is hard at work on your Jira Service Desk’s experience.   Below you will find what’s coming soon and what we have shipped to date. We’ll updat...

    Christophe started a discussion 2 8 03-10-2019
  • Welcome to the new Jira Service Desk experience

    The new Jira Service Desk experience simplifies how admins and end-users set up their projects. It comes with a re-imagined model for creating, editing and representing your projects. The goal of t...

    Christophe started a discussion 2 0 03-07-2019
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Next-gen Jira Service Desk

Next-gen Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is easy to use, simple to set up, and has everything IT and support teams need to deliver delightful customer service!
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