What is the best practice to manage project in Jira?

Hi Team, I'm just new here. And I would like to improve myself on Jira tools.

So, could you share with me your experiences to well manage projects in Jira?

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Hello @Puthirin PAT _IT_ 

Your question is very much open ended question which can get answered in multiple aspects of managing projects in Jira. 

Could you share your key interest areas where you feel it will great to receive more details or practices that Jira admins or Jira PMs do ?

Hello @mayuresh athalekar Thank you for your response.

And here is my example key interest, I have a big project that have more function/feature to managing and wish to separate phase as well. 

So for this case, could you suggest me what is the good way to create/manage in Jira? 

Because I wish to keep tracking and moving smoothly. Thanks

@Puthirin PAT _IT_ I am trying to digest the information here. Can you define what exactly mean by PHASES here ? I could see that you may have multiple EPICS as your development work items. Do you have single scrum team who consume this entire product backlog or if you have multiple scrum teams who consume this entire set of EPICs ?

If i want to give my example, we have product based scrum team/s who own specific Sprint backlog pulled from product backlog. I also use Component capabilities to separate the overall visibility and create appropriate dashboards for teams consumption. 

Personally, if you ask me this is still not a complete answer / suggestion IMO and need little more clarity with some outline example of how your overall structure is placed in Jira.

@mayuresh athalekar The PHASES here I refer to scope of work that set complete. For example PHASE 1 we have 5 features to be completed on time.

And we have only one scrum to manage this project and multiple EPICS for working.


Your answer is help full. thank you.

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints. The best practices to manage the project are:

1. Maintain a schedule and cadence.

2. Establish clear and consistent communication.

3. Create a project plan.

4. Develop a project brief.

5. Build your business case for the project.

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