New to Jira - Kaban workflow and other questions

Debbie Leskowitz January 24, 2019

I downloaded the trial and have been watching YouTube videos for setup, but most are older versions and aren't a huge help. I created a project (yaay me!), and am trying to use the simplified workflow for my board. I'd like to add a column for QA, and though I do see where I add a column in the board, it doesn't seem to really add it because I don't have a status for the column. I also don't see where you can add that status. Please advise.

Also - if you have any pointers … please send them my way. Thanks all!!


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Debbie Leskowitz January 24, 2019

My apologies. Of course, once I posted my question, I realized I did not have my board set up as a simplified workflow. I have changed it, and now I see how to set the status.

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