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Benjamin Udokwu February 27, 2020

So i am all new to Jira where i've created sprints in the backlog and assigned team members accordingly, how else can i interact with my team (in terms of medium) to motivate them to meetup with the estimated time allocated?.. i'd appreciate feedback!.

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Per Löfgren
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February 27, 2020

Sounds like you are trying to follow the scrum framework and if so I suggest adding some meetings with your team. Daily standup, sprint planning. 

A Daily Standup meeting should be very short (top 15 min) and the object for this meeting is to tell you the answer to two question. "- is there anything blocking the developer from completing his/hers committed issues in the sprint" if answer is No then all is good but if answer is Yes then "How can the developer be helped in order to complete the committed sprint tasks". 

Sprint planning should be done before the sprint is started with the whole team and it's objective is to allocate issues to the sprints for the developer. Don't add more issues to the sprint than can be completed. Use story points.

Your task is also to make sure tickets have all necessary information before they are brought up on the sprint meeting. 

Search the internet for "scrum framework". Lot's of resources out there. What i mentioned is just the small piece and it is how I like to use the meetings. There are of course more meeting types.

If this method is too complex for you I suggest you use Kanban instead with a backlog and just do Daily standups. 


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