Can I sumup task's story point and show the result on Epic level?

Cassie Wang January 20, 2022



I logged story points on the task level.

each task has a parent to epic.

my project has many epic

How can I sum up task's story point and link the result on the parent Epic level, and how to create a Board in Jira or Confluence, showing the story point under each Epic?



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January 20, 2022

Hi @Cassie Wang 

If you are ok for a marketplace app, to visualize your Epic Hierarchy, we have created an app

Agile Tools - Epic Tree, Links Tree and Time in Status 

The app rolls up story points, time estimates and custom numeric fields at each parent level. You can also view the full Jira Issue Type hierarchy of Linked issues, Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps, Epics, and Subtasks up to 10 levels.

Key features :

  • Hierarchy upto 10 levels deep
  • Progress % on "remaining estimate" or "original estimates"
  • Edit Issue summary, time estimates, story points and assignee on the tree with real time updates in the progress
  • Rolled up percentage completion at all levels
  • Ability to add/remove the columns on the report

Along with this there are multiple other features like Time in Status, Worklogs reports etc which the app provides.


Epic Hierarchy.PNG

Max Foerster - K15t
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March 21, 2022

Hey @Cassie Wang

we released a new app last week called Smart Fields for Jira that should cover your requirements:

  • Dynamically calculate the story points of the issues in the Epic and shows that information in the Epic
  • Display this information in any dashboard gadget

Or do you have something different in mind for the Epic and reporting? Please let me know! :) 

I prepared a quick demo for you and added the two calculated custom fields "Story Points in Epic" and "Number of issues in Epic" to the Filter Results gadget on my dashboard.


What's the advantage of calculated custom fields? First, they are calculated dynamically every time you look at an issue, so the data is always up to date. And second, you don't need to bother with complex workflow customizations or automation rules to keep data in sync.

The configuration is also pretty straightforward with lots of built-in functions and examples. The Story point summation looks like this:



Have a great day!

Best, Max

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