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  • New to Jira Work Management

    Hello everyone, Shy here. I'm the Operations and Process manager at my computer. We're a super small team, so a lot of the day-to-day rests on me. There's actually a phrase we say that Manual = Shy&n...

    Shy Stalling started a discussion 0 1 Wednesday
  • Hi everyone I'm Craig from Canada

    I'm glad to be here and hope that I can learn things and share my almost 30 years of doing build and release management -> they call it devops now.

    Craig Nodwell started a discussion 1 0 06-27-2022
  • story estimate vs story burn

    Hi Everyone!! I would like to know whether you can create a dashboard in Jira where we track total story estimate and total burn within the certain quarter. I want to track the report of my fellow s...

    Jenish Bhujel asked a question 0 0 05-31-2022
  • Hi Everyone!!!

    My Name is Mayur Jadhav, I am working as a Atlassian Administrator @ Microgenesis. Very very excited for discussion about JWM in this group.

    Mayur Jadhav started a discussion 1 1 05-29-2022
  • Can JWM and Jira Software Share Things

    Hi, @John M Funk.  Dumb newbie, err, "lazy" newbie question.... My organization started with (has a lot of existing work in) Jira Software. But, I lead a marketing team. And we want to work...

    Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_ asked a question 3 3 05-12-2022
  • Can I GROUP BY Custom Fields that I created?

    Hi everyone, I am new to JWM, is there a way to add more options to the GROUP By functionality? I need to be able to Group by specific Custom Fields (DropDowns) that I created

    Alain Iskandar asked a question 1 2 04-29-2022
  • Hi Everyone!!

    This is Srinath. I am from Bangalore. I joined Atlassian in December. I have used jira as bug managment system from past 4 years. Looking forward to learn more about JSM. Cheers  

    Srinatha T started a discussion 4 2 04-04-2022
  • Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I am Karthick and I am part Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud support team. I joined Atlassian in August 2021. I would love to learn more about Jira Work Management and am excited to be her...

    Karthick S published an article 4 0 03-25-2022
  • New user product access

    How can I prevent new users from being assigned to JWM? It seems it's tied to the Jira Software group and the checkbox is grayed out to remove the license when setting up new users.   I've...

    Joe Gomez asked a question 0 4 01-26-2022
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Fabio from Herzum. I started to work with Atlassian products in 2006. Hope to learn new tricks about Jira Work Management and share my experience with all of you.

    Fabio Racobaldo _Herzum_ published an article 3 4 01-13-2022
  • Hi from Belgium!

    Hi all, I've joined this group because I'm very excited about the evolution of Jira Work Management and its features. Happy to help answer questions as well as learning from others. Cheers, Dave

    Dave Mathijs published an article 2 3 01-11-2022
  • Hello Everyone!!

    Hey this Sandesh, Just started working on Jira Work Management. Joining this group to learn more about JWM!! 

    Sandesh Shetty started a discussion 1 3 12-21-2021
  • My name Rizwan Ashraf

    My name Rizwan Ashraf   

    Ramzan Ashraf asked a question 0 1 12-14-2021
  • Hello! Introducing myself to the group

    Hello World. I am old to Atlassian products, new to Jira Work Management. I am currently trialing this in my organization as we continue to streamline our software into platforms that interconnect a...

    Andy Gladstone published an article 3 3 12-13-2021
  • I'm new here 😄

    I'm Hakeem by name, An Atlassian Products lover and a designer.   I am glad to be here and I hope to learn more from you all.

    Hakeem Olasupo published an article 1 3 11-28-2021
  • JWM is great but missing old some feature of Jira core

    Howdy, Hope you are doing great.  JWM is great and I'm using since it has shipped. But some "server" advanced features are still missing. No doubt that they are coming soon.  Cheers

    M Amine started a discussion 0 1 11-22-2021
  • Encourage others to ask

    Hi Team I have a good experience in all atlassian products please let me know if you have any questions I can help with. Best Regards, Medhat

    Medhat Ahmed started a discussion 0 0 11-13-2021
  • Atlassian, in the Best Places to Work list of this year

    Congratulatios to all Atlassians!!! Atlassian is on the Great Places to Work US & Fortune list for this year. Kudos to all Atlassian family to be part of it, to live the value-driven cult...

    Jose Luis Gaitan started a discussion 1 1 10-19-2021
  • Hope to learn more about JWM as it evolves

    Hello all! while I have leveraged the underlying capabilities of JWM (Jira Core). It is apparent that Atlassian intends to evolve it more independently as it’s own product. I hope that this group w...

    Jack Brickey started a discussion 1 2 10-18-2021
  • Encourage others to Join!

    Hi All and I hope you have been having a good weekend! I would like to encourage you to encourage others to join this group and to share some tips and tricks - and even problems! that you might enc...

    John M Funk published an article 4 3 10-10-2021
  • I'm fascinated to learn more about this tool!

    Finally! It makes me happy to have the chance to learn more about an Atlassian tool that's designed for less technical teams, a group of which I'm part! Recently I've made a simple article in our b...

    Huwen Arnone -DEISER- published an article 3 2 10-08-2021
  • Tell us your experience with JWM in Human Resources management

    Hello all; As you know, Jira Worl Management incorporates a powerful tool for Human Resources Management. ...But this is the theory. Have you used Jira Work Management for incorporating people to...

    Jose Luis Gaitan published an article 1 0 10-06-2021
  • Welcome to Jira Work Management!

    Hello and Welcome to the New to Jira Work Management group! Please make yourself at home and tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been using Jira products? What influenced you t...

    John M Funk started a discussion 17 74 10-05-2021
  • My story with JVM

    Hello all: We want to know more about you, about your "love story" with Jira and your experience. If you don't know what to say, we could suggest the following ideas: How and when did you know ...

    Jose Luis Gaitan published an article 1 3 10-04-2021
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