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New to Confluence

Created Oct 4, 2021, Last active today

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  • New to the Group

    What is your favorite use of Confluence?  Any templates you like?

    Marjorie started a discussion 0 1 Monday
  • Confluence for Technical Writing? Well maybe!

    I'm a Technical Writer by trade. Documentation is my business, and the tools used to create it are my bread and butter. I've used everything from text editors and word processor apps right the way th...

    Colum McAndrew published an article 3 3 10-08-2021
  • Confluence collaborators👨‍👧‍👦 Introduce yourself

    Hi Confluence influencers, Welcome to the "New to Confluence" group. It's been a different zone we were in the past 1 year and 6 months. So much happened around us- be with our family, our career...

    G subramanyam started a discussion 10 45 10-05-2021
  • How to share articles to customers (not users)?

    Hi,  Sorry if this is a very basic and easy question, but I'm trying to share customers to our new Confluence, however, it doesn't show me the list of Customers which we have in our Service Des...

    Rotem Ashkenazi started a discussion 2 3 10-04-2021
  • hello confluence


    曾博 started a discussion 0 1 09-27-2021
  • For Confluence newbies: Beginner webinar

    Hello community, in September, we have another Beginner webinar for you: "How to get started with Confluence" Confluence is driving forward central knowledge management and easy collaborations...

    Andreas Springer _Actonic_ published an article 3 1 09-02-2021
  • How to know where used component / parts in confluence

    In SAP - MM module. We have T-codes to know specific parts are used.  Can someone help me in the similar function availability in Confluence  apart from the search option.   Selva

    Selvakumar started a discussion 0 0 07-14-2021
  • Visio publisher

    I have visio publisher .But how use it visio publisher for confluence for diagrams. And it is possible to integrate it with microsoft viso plan 2.

    Akshata Mohite started a discussion 2 1 06-26-2021
  • New to setting up my own team's site

    As an introduction, this is my first time for setting up my own teams site to be used to migrate application functionality from archaic (unexposed) compiled custom libraries to sustainable and adapta...

    Stephen Eckart started a discussion 1 0 06-03-2021
  • New User - How we are using Confluence

    We are using confluence to track and retain information on software bugs and their fixes.

    Brian Pratt started a discussion 4 2 05-13-2021
  • Hello Everybody

    This is my first message to the Atlassian Community. We are using Confluence as a unit wiki and collaborative resource. This will be interesting learning how the new (to me) system works. Thank you f...

    Brian R. Morrissey started a discussion 5 1 05-10-2021
  • New to Confluence

    Hello! I am new to they system and looking forward to learning all its applications. 

    betsy.oskorep started a discussion 5 2 05-06-2021
  • liste des cotes bibliothèques

    Bonjour, J'aurais aimé avoir le document qui contient la liste des bibliothèques avec les cotes pour l'envoi des documents dans les boites roses merci d'avance started a discussion 0 0 05-04-2021
  • Error Launching IntelliJ IDAE

    Jaacov Molcho started a discussion 0 1 03-30-2021
  • Received an invite to loin a teams jira and confluence. But...

    Received an invite to loin a teams jira and confluence. But... I can only seem to find their Jira space  how do I switch to Confluence?? Most of the work I will be doing is there.  

    Courtney Best started a discussion 0 1 03-16-2021
  • Webinar: How to get started with Confluence

    Hello, everybody! Confluence by Atlassian is the best tool to share knowledge in your agile company! A great way to get an overview of the functions and the user interface is our free English webi...

    Andrei Pisklenov _Actonic_ started a discussion 2 4 03-11-2021
  • File List and Search Box

    I am uploading PowerPoint presentations and pdf files into my file list. I want to enable a search box that can find these files using keywords inside these files for a more efficient search. I trie...

    Daniel Jimenez started a discussion 0 0 02-12-2021
  • Edit a page in confluence

    Hi, I am new to Confluece and I have a problem. I want to edit an existing page, created by someone else. The page is not restricted. But I don not see an edit button. How can I do that?

    Maedeh Hemmat started a discussion 1 3 02-10-2021
  • Im new

    Hey guys I'm new here and I would like if someone could tell me in the comments how this website works???

    Leon Mitchell started a discussion 1 2 02-10-2021
  • Why Confluence

    Why Confluence, you ask? Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. It's a central source of truth for fast moving companies. Confluence keeps everyone organized and ali...

    Brittany Sudlow published an article 16 2 11-09-2020
  • Finding Content in Confluence

    Looking for content in Confluence? Learn how you can find all the information you need within Confluence. From company announcements, to team project updates and IT or HR policies – Confluence is y...

    Brittany Sudlow published an article 9 0 11-09-2020
  • Navigating in Confluence

    Check out the video below to learn how you can navigate around Confluence to find the information you’re looking for and the projects you are working on. Watch the next video in this series - ...

    Brittany Sudlow published an article 6 0 11-09-2020
  • Formatting pages in Confluence

    In this video, you can learn how to format pages with macros in Confluence. Pages are documents where people create, edit, and discuss their work. Macros are built-in power that help you format a Con...

    Brittany Sudlow published an article 7 0 11-09-2020
  • Creating pages in Confluence

    Looking to learn how to build pages in Confluence? You're in the right place. Pages  are documents where people create, edit, and discuss their work. Pages live within Spaces. Spaces are ar...

    Brittany Sudlow published an article 4 0 11-09-2020
  • Creating a space in Confluence

    Check out this video to learn how to build spaces* in Confluence. *Spaces are areas that contain pages for individuals, teams, and strategic projects. Pages live within Spaces. Pages...

    Brittany Sudlow published an article 4 0 11-09-2020
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