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Hello Friends,

Why do you come to our events? Comment below and in case there is anything you would like to see in 2019 do not hesitate.

A community is about people and at AUG Nairobi everything is around people. We meet, we share, we challenge each other and we grow together. I always look forward to meeting new friends every month. This is my reason.




Hi everyone,

Mainly, I come because I'm always eager to learn what my peers in the filed of (broadly) technology are doing, how they're doing it and how it's benefited them. Attending Atlassian events has helped me learn to learn about these products as Bitbucket, Jira, Trello which have easened the way I work on my projects and maximise my productivity.


The networking bit after the presentations is also one of the most beneficial segments of the meetups because, boy the opportunities you hear about from other attendees and even just the extra information you gather is something I've always looked forward to.


Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the pizza and beer. Nothing beats hearty laughs over pizza after 2-3 hours of learning. 

Well the reason for me coming to any AUG event is to just learn various concepts and new things. 

I mean in the field of I.T and I.C.T, i never knew somethings like what hackathons were. New them through AUG. That's also when I realized that a problem could make one earn a fortune. Just identifying and coming up with a remedy to that particular problem could make one smiling all the way to the bank.

Another reason for me coming to these meetups is networking. I mean who would live in a neighborhood without even knowing his/her neighbors? After the learning part, the networking sessions and interactions are always great. Besides, you never know who would link you up with a job vacancy somewhere?

Lastly, The SWAG and Free Giveaways! I mean Mike, you are always rocking those hoodies and capes. Am always asking myself, when will I ever be like that guy? Will I ever rock these kind of things? But I always give myself hopes that one day, my ship it badge will complement either the ATLASSIAN hoodie or just the ATLASSIAN Tee... The stickers are usually something people always adore. Shows a programmer's determination and willingness.

And who wouldn't talk about the refreshments and snacks? The pizza's soda's nd wine, just the perfect way to wrap up a #hour session. I mean i don't know how you manage to do it for the guys, but that's something great.  CHEERS!

FOR 2019?
Well I think we should do a recruit of the young minds because most of the members are still schooling. So what if we do a recruitment then we get to learn more things about ATLASSIAN and ATLASSIAN tools and just how they impact our day to day lives? Maybe then we could embark on trying to do something in one of the sessions...

I show up to share the cool stuff I learn when using Atlassian tools.


For the next year, I hope we'll have an all-rounded community that are knowledgeable in usage of modern collaboration tool-sets and methodologies.   

Thank you all for your comments. 


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