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Hello Friends,


So Atlassian has officially launched the new Jira Software Cloud! 


This is what I showed a few AUG events ago (formerly known as Jira Agility Projects, Now called 'Jira Next Gen'). If you haven't looked at it lately, it's changed a lot and it's really exciting! You now have the ability to create issues and view them in a 'Roadmap' view (no Portfolio required!). The view issue screen is rearranged in Jira Next Gen projects, there is more power put in the hands of the users and less strain on the sys-admins!

Post below your thoughts! Specifically:

What do you think of the new Jira Software Cloud?

Have you used it yet, and if so, what has your experience been?

What concerns do you have? 

Is there a feature you think is missing?


I think JIRA Is becoming user friendly! This is good news for us who use JIRA exhaustively to pipeline DEV work. I have not used the new feature yet because all my projects are defined in the JIRA classic mode and (for now) there is no way to migrate to the new JIRA Next Gen from Jira Classic. The concern I have is the deprecation of Portfolio... is this going to happen? Portfolio is an important feature for me as I I can manage all of JIRA work within portfolio.

My thoughts?
I think Atlassian is really trying by releasing Jira Software Cloud. This might be the next big move for them. How I'd like to try it out...


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