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After working with various teams in the past 8 yrs. I have realized nothing has more impact than listening and empowering everyone without discrimination.

I have also realized if you equip a team of people with the right knowledge and skills they will always be productive and find a way of solving any problem in their life and as a ripple effect, impact someone else in their team. 

What makes people in your team more productive?

Have a great week ahead.



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Darline Auguste Community Manager Sep 18, 2018

Totally agree Michael! I find I'm more productive when I'm in an inclusive environment where I know my colleagues will seek first to understand. Trust in the company and my team is also very important and I've found that I'm even more driven by the trust people put in me. 

As you've learned from your experiences along the way, were there ever times where you didn't handle a situation the way you would've wanted? If so, how did you overcome it and apply what you learned from it?

Wow, first comment from one and only @Darline Auguste. Thank you, Darline, this is a great motivation to post more.

I have really come to love Atlassian Team culture.

Yes, many times. Not carrying out due diligence and trusting people I work with unconditionally. This mostly resulted in negligence and demotivating the whole team.

As a result, I have always carried out due diligence before engaging any team member. I also hold my team members responsible for everything they commit to contributing to the team. I also encourage open communication. This has resulted in more success and more committed team members who understand what is expected of them.


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