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It is Tuesday and you know what we do. Today we talk about Team Burnout.

Have you experienced Team burn out?

How did you mitigate and succeeded from it? What was the cause?


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Unfortunately, the last time I had a burn out it turned into depression. I had to take a break from all the work and engage more in out door activities. The cause of this depression came about cause I was working as a remote developer and I had set out high expectations with no one to guide me. Eventually, I got weary of doing software development and living in a "bat cave". I came to realize how important human interaction is, ever since I always strife to maintain work life balance.

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Thank you for sharing and sorry about that and a great lesson there.i can relate especially when you are a consultant/freelance :(

It is one of the reasons I take time off my day work and interact with real people in communities I belong to.

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I too have experienced team burn out once and it wasn't really a great experience. It was on this project we were working on. 

The team lead had unclear expectations of what every member was to submit. On top of that, he saw some team members weren't a good fit for the job. I felt really down during the whole project. I had to take a day off just to get away from the troubles I was having at that time. Later on I realized that I had to accept people as they are and had to speak out for the other oppressed members in the team. Teamwork does go a long way...


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