Topic Tuesday: Atlassian in Nairobi Edited

Hello Team,

How is your week starting off? Are you excited as I am about this Saturday event?

To me, this is a great milestone both for me as a leader and for the larger community, to have such an experienced Atlassian come to Nairobi to give a presentation on two very important topics (Atlassian in Nairobi: Agile Audit. Risk and Compliance in an Agile and DevOps Environment). This does not show our global significant but our 3yrs consistent growth.

Guy Herbert (Our Speaker on Saturday) has over 25 years working in IT and Technology across the Telecommunications, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Software industries. He has managed risk, compliance, audit, and technical delivery teams during this time. Guy has been thinking of better ways for Atlassian to manage IT Risk and Compliance since Sept 2013.

This goes to all those who consistently take time to come to our events and add more knowledge share and more so to those who take time to prepare a presentation on various topics and present them to our members. Kudos to all of you and see you on Saturday.

P.S: I would like to send my condolences on behalf of AC Nairobi to family and friends of one and only @Donald Donald Bruce a young gentleman with great potential and a consistent member of Atlassian Community Nairobi.

Best Regards






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