I am really eager to learn on android development been trying online tutorials but its like there is no progress at all can I be led on how to go about this please.  


Hello @Tiberious Wesonga check out Android254 community and attend their meetup for peer programming sessions. 

Thanks sir. I really appreciate that directive let me check on that. 

Hi sir, I consider myself an expert in this kind of field. Android Pays my bills if i can say so.

Learning android or any other language and build something solid can be quite disappointing, You will take time and a lot of effort but you will get there. 

Whenever next there is a meetup we can make arrangements on some guidelines i can offer to you and any other person interested. Whatever rules this community offers to conduct such an exercise that i might not know, of which most i don't know, someone can guide me. And y'all don't worry about anything. All knowledge to me should be free for everyone.

Thanks I want to  begin this ready to invest my time and nights on this


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