Who has already try the ACP-600 ?

Hi everyone!

Among the members of the group, are there any who have passed the Jira Admin project certification? Did you manage it easily / the first time?
I took the exam this morning and got only 62% (while it takes at least 65% to succeed). I need obviously to practice more! :p
But I would be curious to know what your experience was, if you are ok to share it...
Thanks in advance!


I am planning on taking it this year.

Thanks for this post as I will watch for tips :)


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Hi Gabriel,
just a quick update: I passed the test the second time way more easily 2 weeks ago.
The tips I can give you are to browse/read the Atlassian documentation in addition with the course (sometime for more precise explanations ; like for me the JQL). And it's usefull to know all the gadgets/reports options and what they display.
For the rest, if you are able to explain all points on the Exam topics sheet, you'll be good to go!

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Thanks for sharing :)

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Bonjour Laurène,

I passed my test in January and it went well for me. I can't say it was easy however. I had some trouble with reports and agile boards for example because I had little experience with them. I mostly managed Service Desk projects in the past and as a jira admin I sometimes build reports and boards for others to use, but I don't use them myself so my experience is limited.

One thing that had an important impact on my result was the preparation course. I took the time to listen to the whole thing (more than 9h). Although I admit it was very boring because I already knew most of what it covers, I still learned a few things... and most of those turned up in the exam. So I can only recommend the course, regardless of how prepared you feel you are.

I hope this can help a little for your retake exam ;-)

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It was nice to discuss it during the AUG yesterday, thank you for your feedback!


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