I need your feedback on how to organize Jira Service Desk

Hello Community,

I need your feedback on an idea (bat shit crazy) that my superiors had to re-organize our JSD projects.

Right now, our Service Desk projects are organized by teams where you can raise different request such as bugs, change requests or feature requests.


By Team



Then you can choose a request type:



Now my superiors have the idea to re-organize projects by request type so there is one channel to submit new features, change requests or bugs to all teams.

I told them that this was not a good idea based on many arguments such as:

* All teams would manage their change request or feature request in the same projects, but bugs in another one.
* Each teams have different workflows for common issue types
* Each teams have different screens/fields for common issue types
* All teams queues would be in the same project (imagine the number of queues...)
* And many more reasons I could come up with... (please add more reasons that you think of)

I am not saying that it is not possible to configure a JSD project that way (I have done it for some teams who decided after some time that having their own JSD project was a better solution) but I am strongly against this idea of how they want to re-organize project and processes that are already working well.

This is why I am reaching the community to have your feedback based on your opinion or experience.

Thanks in advance :)



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