Time To SLA Plugin: SLA Indicator custom field to rest when moved to new status

As per the documentation, I added SLA Indicator custom field, but it seems that that's a global indicator. I have multiple SLAs setup, so a JIRA ticket can breach one of the SLAs but when it moves to the next SLA stage, I would like the SLA Indicator to be reset.

Basically, I want to report on JIRA issues that are "currently" in SLA violation. (I don't want to include JIRA issues that may have breached one of their previous SLA stages.


SLA 1: Not Started -> In Progress

SLA 2: In Progress -> Done


JIRA-1234 violates SLA 1 and is currently in Not Started state. SLA indicator flags it as SLA Exceeded. That's great. But now when JIRA-1234's status changes to In Progress, it goes into SLA 2 phase but SLA Indicator still says exceeded. I would like SLA indicator to now reset as per SLA 2.


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Hello Jimy,

You can define as many SLA Indicators as you want, and each can indicate separate SLAs.  

Just define the field, go to configuration page and select which SLA(s) you want the field to use.




Thanks. I will try that out.

Hello Jimy,

Did it help your problem?

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