TTS - use due date as SLA Value


I'd like to use the JIRA Due Date as SLA Value.

image2016-11-30 17:42:22.png

But Due Date is only a date field, not a date time field. The expected target date in TTS is <Due Date> 12:00 AM.

image2016-11-30 17:42:58.png

Is it possible to tell TTS that every "Resolved Date" on the same day "Due Date" is okay? Expected Target Date should be the end of the Due Date.

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Hello Wilm,

Using Due Date has no special behaviour in SLA target Date calculation. If you set 06 Oct 2016 as due date, JIRA gives us 06 Oct 2016 12:00 AM.

That's why the calculation is done according to 12:00 AM



Hi Tuncay,

Thanks for your answer. I'll try to change the "Resolved Date" to a date only custom field (no time), hopefully that helps.



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