TTS - Query JQL about SLA Status (resolution)


We have Time to SLA custom fields:

Time to SLA (resolution)

SLA Status (resolution)


We want to create a query JQL to search for issues SLA Status (resolution) is met or SLA Status (resolution) is not met in a Project.

cf[15455] = SLA Status (resolution)


For example:

project=A and (cf[15455] = "OK" or cf[15455] = "KO")


But this query doesn't show the correct results.

How could we make this query?


Best regards,

José Manuel Sánchez

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Hi Jose Manuel,

If you just installed TTS and want this JQL return accurate results, you need to "Generate SLA data for existing issues" and reindex.

After you define SLAs, any issue (which meets your SLA definition) change triggers SLA calculation and it will be ready for JQL search, but for already existing issues that have no change you should generate SLA data by TTS menu.

On the other hand, we strongly recommend to use our JQL functions rather than custom field search. Please check our site where you can find JQL functions documentation.



How would the query we send you using your JQL functions?


Thank you

project=A and (issue in tts.issuesHaveSomeMetSlas() or issue in tts.issuesHaveSomeExceededSlas())

this query will return issues which have at least one success or one unsuccess SLA. Please check here for more JQL functions.

The following JQL does not work well.

Tipología in ("Support & Maintenance: Genesis") and (issue in (tts.issuesHaveSomeMetSlas()) or issue in(tts.issuesHaveSomeExceededSlas())) and status changed to Closed during ('2017/01/01',"2017/01/31")

Can you tell us what the error is?

Best Regards.


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