TTS - Avoid counter restart unless reset

Hi all,

my SLA counter should never restart once it has been fulfilled, even if the ticket goes back into the "starting status" (open).

Currently the SLA counter runs when a ticket is open and stopps on "Further Information Requested".

Since this is all the time I want to measure (initial response), the counter should not continue to count once the ticket is "re-opened", back into "open" status.

How can this be achieved? Can it?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Thomas,

To continue counting is by design and many customers wanted this behavior.

However if you can know the reopening as JQL, you can add it as a JQL to your SLA definition so that it would not continue counting.

For instance adding following JQL statement (you need to change statement according to your JIRA fields) to SLA definition may fix the problem.

reopeningCounter = 0
customField != 'Value'

Hi Tuncay,

thanks for getting back to me so quickly and sorry for not responding earlier.

I have tried to add the following but this did not work:

"time to SLA" is EMPTY

As I thought that the field would be empty on new tickets but once filled the timer would not kick off again.

The behavior was the same as before. Once reopened, the SLA timer continued to run.


I've seen other plugins where there is an option "do not continue SLA timer once stopped". Would this be something for you to consider as a configurable option?



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